9 Best Ways to Fix Google Chrome Not Completing Downloads

9 Best Ways to Fix Google Chrome Not Completing Downloads

Google Chrome is not the default browser on Windows or Mac. Still, most users prefer it because of its rich extension support, fast performance, and cross-platform availability. That said, the browser stops responding, changes the search engine to Yahoo, and doesn’t complete file downloads. The latter is annoying and confusing for users. Here are the best ways to fix Google Chrome unable to complete downloads.

The Microsoft Store and Mac App Store do not house all popular apps. You may need to download it from Google Chrome occasionally. Some people also prefer Google’s browser to download music, videos and files. If Google Chrome doesn’t complete downloads, you end up with broken, unusable files. Let’s fix the problem once and for all.

1. Try downloading again

As strange as this may sound, you can pause or cancel the current download. Then you can start the same download again after a few seconds. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: With Chrome open, click on the kebab menu (three vertical dots) at the top right.

Step 2: Click on Downloads to check all current queued downloads.

Click the “x” mark next to the download process to cancel it. Go to the same website to download the file again.

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2. Check your Internet connection

Due to a slow and erratic internet connection, Chrome downloads can get stuck and take ages to complete the process. You must run internet speed tests on your desktop before starting the download process.

If you use Wi-Fi to connect your computer to the internet, we recommend switching to the 5GHz frequency band if you have a dual-band router.

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys to open the Settings app.

Step 2: Select “Network and Internet” from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Make sure that the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection says “Connected” and check the properties from the same.

If Wi-Fi is giving you problems, use the LAN (Ethernet) cable with the computer to establish a reliable connection.

3. Pause other downloading and streaming processes

Streaming the latest Netflix show or Spotify playlist in the background can consume a lot of internet bandwidth. You must pause the download or update process from the Microsoft Store. After you have no active download process running in the background, you can start the same in Google Chrome for a flawless process.

4. Use VPN and try again

Some sites prioritize specific regions to avoid excessive load on servers. If the download process is slow in your region, try changing the IP address and using a different server to start the download process.

When we tried to download a few videos from a website, we got download speeds in the Kbps (even on a 100 Mbps) connection. We used a VPN network to connect to one of the servers in the US. After we started the download process again, Google Chrome completed the process in no time.

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5. Check company servers

If the website’s servers are overloaded with high traffic, Google Chrome will not complete the download process. You need to wait for the administrator to fix the problems and try again after a while.

6. Clear Google Chrome Cache

Corrupt or outdated cache can cause issues like Google Chrome unable to complete download issues. You can clear your browser data and cache before trying again. This is how.

Step 1: Open the kebab menu (three vertical dots) in Google Chrome (see steps above).

Step 2: Expand “More Tools” and open “Clear Browsing Data”.

Step 3: Slide to the Advanced menu and tap Clear data.

Restart Google Chrome and try to download files from the web.

7. Disable third-party antivirus apps

An active third-party antivirus app may block the download process for security reasons. You should close such apps completely in the background for a flawless download process in Google Chrome.

8. Update Google Chrome

Google often releases updates with new features and bug fixes. Chrome not completing downloads may be due to an outdated browser on your desktop. Let’s update Google Chrome to the latest version. Shall we?

Step 1: Open the kebab menu in Google Chrome. Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select “About Chrome” from the left sidebar and the browser will begin installing the update.

Step 3: Restart Google Chrome to complete the update.

9. Try Google Chrome Options

If Google Chrome is still giving you problems, it’s time to ditch it in favor of other chromium browsers. You can go with Microsoft Edge, Brave or Vivaldi without losing access to your preferred browser extensions.

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Complete downloads in Google Chrome

If Google Chrome doesn’t complete downloads, it can frustrate you. It even becomes painful to see abysmal download speeds on a fast internet connection. Which trick worked for you? Share your findings in the comments below.

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