5G download speed 16.5 times faster than 4G during October, report shows

5G download speed 16.5 times faster than 4G during October, report shows

Although 5G services are yet to be rolled out across India, early adopters in the country have seen significant benefits from the technology. According to data from British telecom analytics firm OpenSignal, early adopters recorded high upload and download speeds, leading to better experiences with video streaming and multiplayer gaming, among other things.

According to the report, average download speed with 5G in India during October was 16.5 times faster than 4G, rising to 242.1 Mbps against 14.7 Mbps on 4G networks. Peak download speed on 5G was 690.6 Mbps, which was 11.6 times higher than the 59.5 Mbps seen on 4G.

5G has also improved upload speeds for users. OpenSignal’s data showed users got average upload speeds of 21.2Mbps, which was 5.4 times faster than the 3.9Mbps recorded on 4G. Better upload speeds can improve the experience of remote workers and users who frequently upload video content to social media.

OpenSignal’s analysis also showed that users in India rated their video streaming experience as “very good” on 5G networks, with a score of 72.8 out of 100. In comparison, 4G users rated their video streaming experience as “fair” and gave a score of 42, 8 . The company says a “very good” rating for video experience indicates fast load times with occasional interruptions.

Similarly, users in India also rated their multiplayer gaming experience on 5G as “fair” with a score of 67.9 out of 100. When connected to 4G, users rated their gaming experience as “poor” with a score of 56.9.

“These findings prove that 5G provides a significantly improved mobile network experience in India compared to legacy 4G services. However, it is important to understand that 5G is still very new in India, with relatively fewer 5G users in limited locations,” said Hardik Khatri, data analyst at OpenSignal.

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This is a significant shift from early experiences reported by users on social media following the launch of 5G networks in October.

As reported by Mint at the time, many users experienced stuttering in video streams, delays in loading information on navigation apps and a significant increase in data consumption. Analysts attributed the problems to limited coverage.

“When telcos launched 5G services in several cities in India, people did not know that it would only be available in a few pockets in those cities. This led to a hue and cry as many users felt cheated,” said Faisal Kawoosa, chief analyst and founder of TechARC, a market researcher.

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