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Yurie Deco Review: A beautiful, overwhelming anime

Yurie Deco Review: A beautiful, overwhelming anime

Yurie Deco is a lot, and this description of the series is both a strength and a weakness for the latest offering from Science SARU, the animation house that is responsible for such as Devilman: Crybaby, Keep Your Hands Off Ice Cream, Japan Sinksand two of the short stories in Star Wars: Visions. This anime series, which takes place in a future world where currency in practice is the same as social media “likes”, is the very definition of eye candy, although there are a few holes in the armor that eventually stop Yurie Deco from being all it can be.

To stay up to date with the history of Yurie Deco, there is one who follows a young girl named Berry when she meets a mysterious young hacker known as “Hack”, while she is also incorporated into the Ghost Detectives Club. The most important selling point is not only the artwork from Science Saru, which at times can often be overwhelming, but also the intricate and rich world presented in the series. Yurie Deco absolutely demands your attention, and throws countless interesting concepts your way when it comes to a world where the real life and the life created by the internet have merged with each other. There is a lot to absorb here and to see how a society works where there is no difference between the real and virtual world leads to some interesting concepts along the way.

The idea that currency has been completely replaced by standing on social media may not be entirely original, either Black mirror for example, to weave a similar story via the anthology series, but there is one that Yurie Deco is able to explore seamlessly and to the point where it will not hold the audience in its hands when it crashes them into the environment here. I rightly admire Saru for this approach, giving viewers a “sink or swim” mentality. This is both a blessing and a curse, since the series demands your attention, and if you do not follow, it can pass you by with the large amount of events and characters that are on the screen at any time. The series constantly lets viewers into new worlds, as Barry will wake up in the real world, travel into the virtual to learn with her friends, who are all wearing crazy avatars, or be drawn into a nightmarish world that houses it. mysterious Phantom Zero. It can often feel like sensory overload, which we assume is the point.

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Although the world itself is a really exciting one, the show suffers from some of the characters introduced in it. Hack for example is a young hacker who takes a page from people like Ed from Cowboy Bebopbounces around with an energy that can only be found in an anime series, and squirts out her slogan of “I love AI” on a regular basis. Yurie Deco feels like a series that has created this truly terrifying world where there is a lot to explore, but which did not take as much care with any of the characters.

Berry himself is your typical protagonist, trying to get a lot of “love”, the currency of Yurie Deco, but are not able to really shine through in these introductory sections. This series feels like Science SARU should have taken the approach to something like that Animatrix or Paranoia agent, the camera points to different characters in each episode without necessarily focusing on a handful all the way. Ultimately, anime feels like one that requires seeing each installment to see where the characters’ journey ultimately takes them, but by going through parts of the whole, there are definitely some different approaches that SARU could have taken when it comes to their characters above during the first three episodes.

Yurie Deco is not going to be for everyone, but it is a series that has a completely eye-catching animation and more than a few very interesting concepts that are well worth the animation, although you may want to wait until the series is finished before you dive in completely.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Yurie Deco’s first episode is now streamed on Crunchyroll.

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