‘Wrath as a Lightning’ – Bleach TYBW Anime Episode 4 Review

‘Wrath as a Lightning’ – Bleach TYBW Anime Episode 4 Review

fury like lightning Bleach anime episode 4 review
A young Yamamoto listening to a younger Chojiro in ‘Wrath as a Lightning’ (Image: Bleach – Thousand-Year Blood War Anime Episode 5)

Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War anime episode 5, titled ‘Wrath as a Lightning’, showed the odds shifting slightly to favor our heroes. But actual victory is still quite far.

I have to start by applauding the anime team for how they handled the emotional turmoil Ichigo felt when he realized he was trapped and couldn’t get to Soul Society in time to help his friends. No matter how much power he used, Quilge Opie’s abilities kept Ichigo contained in a spherical prison made of energy.

The way Ichigo teared up when he heard the cries of people he knew during the Sternritter attack was well animated. The Shinigami had found hope when they heard Ichigo was on his way, but things had turned back to hopelessness after he was captured. Of course, Rukia thought that Ichigo would somehow manage to arrive soon. Everyone just had to stand their ground until then.

I’m a fan of Ichigo and Rukia’s friendship. While I understand that a large portion of the fandom ships them romantically, I’ve never felt anything romantic between the two. Especially when it was obvious that Ichigo and Orihime were going to be playoffs. It’s very reminiscent of how certain fans thought Naruto would end up with Sakura, even though Hinata existed.

Anyway, hearing Rukia say that she knew Ichigo would help increase Ichigo’s determination to break free from the energy prison. Although it didn’t work, it added to the overall emotional impact and helped the audience remember the strong connection between Ichigo and Rukia.

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Even though Ichigo was delayed, I liked how Soul Society found another way to feel hope again. Yes, Ichigo would be a great help against the current enemies, but you have to remember that many of the characters in Bleach are not pushovers. At least they can try to handle things on their own.

‘Wrath as a Lightning’ was about making Yamamoto enter the battlefield to finish off His Majesty. With the two sharing history, I look forward to learning more about what happened between them thousands of years ago.

The flashback took us to a time when a young Chojiro asked a relatively younger Yamamoto to make him his right-hand man. Because Chojiro has been by Yamamoto’s side for a very long time, I enjoyed seeing the creative team take the time to flesh out their relationship and how his death affected Yamamoto in the present. Due to the nature of Chojiro’s Bankai, as far as my opinion goes, the title of the episode was about him.

Seeing their leader so ready for battle helped strengthen the rest of the captains and their subordinates. Even some of the Sternritter were surprised because it looked like the Shinigami was close to dying a few seconds ago. It’s obvious that they still need an assist from Ichigo, but their determination to never give up is going to make for some very cool fight sequences. And I can’t wait!

Wrath as a lightning Bleach anime episode 5 review
Byakuya meets his own Bankai in ‘Wrath as a Lightning’ (Image: Bleach – Thousand-Year Blood War Anime Episode 5)

A major revelation to the citizens of Soul Society was how Sternritter could use the stolen Bankai. As Nodt (given the letter F for fear), Senbonzakura used Kageyoshi against Byakuya. And Driscoll Berci (given the letter O for Overkill) used Chojiro’s Koko Gonryo Rikyu against Yamamoto. Like the characters, we still don’t know how Sternritter is able to do all of this. The good guys have to get to the bottom of it to launch a counterattack.

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The scenes about Kenpachi were fun to watch. He was able to defeat three Sternknights. Jerome Guizbatt (R for The Roar) had the ability to grow into a giant ape-like creature and let out a sonic scream. Kenpachi simply split Jerome in two. He then proceeded to rip Berenice Gabrielli’s (Q for The Question) throat out. Bernice had the ability to inspire confidence. And with Loyd Lloyd (Y for The Yourself) having the ability to transform into Kenpachi, the original Kenpachi just had to be stronger than the version of himself he was fighting.

Of course, things didn’t end well for Kenpachi when he decided to fight His Highness. While the fight was going on off-screen, Your Highness was close to killing Kenpachi until Yamamoto arrived to distract him. Experiencing such a defeat is going to make Kenpachi want to grow stronger.

Byakuya’s fight with As Nodt went as expected. There was no way Byakuya was going to win against an enemy capable of using Bankai against him. The information we got about As Nodt’s abilities was interesting. The energy spikes that Nodt used were capable of instilling fear in opponents. And while Byakuya was able to refrain from being afraid of being defeated by his opponent, the fear of losing Rukia made him hesitate long enough for As Nodt to land a hit. I liked the explanation As Nodt gave about how fear was an instinct no living being could escape. You can try to overcome fear that is due to reason or something justifiable. However, the raw form of fear (which a person knew had no logical reason to exist) was incredibly tough to beat.

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Back in Hueco Mundo, Quilge revealed to Opie that he had been given the letter J for The Jail by His Highness and that it was going to be impossible for Ichigo to escape his trap. When Quilge Opie lost the energy he absorbed from Ayon, he turned to quickly kill Sado, Orihime, and Nelliel, but before he could do anything, he was split in half by someone.

I won’t give any spoilers, but Urahara was worried about the newcomer.

It is obvious that Ichigo still needs time to get to Soul Society. But again, being temporarily delayed will allow other characters to shine during their respective battles. The animation quality has continued to deliver. So the upcoming matches are going to look visually appealing. If only Naruto and the current Boruto the series felt it was important to let supporting characters get a few moments in the spotlight. Sigh!

What did you think of “Wrath as a Lightning”? Do you think Yamamoto will be able to defeat His Highness?

Let us know.

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