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Winacle Network acquires Anime Daily – an anime and manga news site

Winacle Network acquires Anime Daily – an anime and manga news site

Anime Daily, a well-known anime and manga news site with 3 million unique visitors each month, has been acquired by Winacle Network, the owner of four media brands, including TV Season & Spoilers, Techradar247 and Sports News International.

Anime Daily is the largest online destination for fans of anime worldwide. The site has a variety of content, ranging from news and reviews to conversations and forums, all aimed at helping viewers get the most out of the anime experience. The author’s team looks forward to being a reliable source of information for fans around the world, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best content available.

“We, the Winacle Network team, are pleased to have achieved one of our goals to provide anime and manga lovers around the world with the latest updates. Anime Daily is one of the best sites to keep consumers up to date on what’s going on. new to the world of anime and manga, “said Shubham Trehan & Akash Shrivastava, co-founders of Winacle Network.” For decades to come, we see Winacle Network as the best home for our brands and audiences. “

According to the Winacle Network, their team will keep the monitors up to date on all the current events in the anime industry. So that they can appreciate each episode to its maximum potential, thanks to the staff of expert writers. “Winacle Network aims to be the go-to source for everything regarding animes and manga, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or recommendations,” the co-founders added.

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About The Anime Daily

The Anime Daily is the one-stop-website for otakus from around the world. It is the fastest and most up-to-date news site for all updates and information on anime, light novels, manga, web tones and other aspects of Japanese and Korean pop culture.

Since 2004, The Anime Daily has proven to be a trusted source for international fans of anime. It consists of a combined team of competent writers, who give you the best anime series and movie news. The team intends to give you an A to Z of everything that happens around the Japanese entertainment industry – including viewers’ favorite shows, characters and creators! With a wide variety of genres to offer, The Anime Daily helps viewers choose what they want!

The website is updated daily with the latest news and reviews, so that otakus can always stay up to date on the latest anime releases. Anime Daily also has an extensive forum where avid anime viewers can discuss everything with other fans. Whether they are looking for recommendations or want to chat about their favorite shows, the site welcomes them to join the conversation.

About Winacle Network

Winacle Network is a media house that includes an ensemble of websites in different niches. Akash Srivastava and Shubham Trehan, two friends who grew up with TV series, animations and movies, created the company in 2020. The company caters to various populations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and India. Winacle Network’s goal is to present readers with the most up-to-date news from reputable sources, without the noise and distortions that can be found on other news sites.

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The team’s goal is to empower readers around the world with thought-provoking and entertaining content. The company reaches 15 million people every month with the support of 3 million social followers on various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The content they provide is full of wit and intellect to connect with the audience emotionally.

Media contact
Company name: Winacle network
Contact person: Shubham Trehan
Email: Send email
Country: India

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