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Why Sakura doesn’t deserve hate from anime fans

Why Sakura doesn’t deserve hate from anime fans

The iconic show, Naruto, set in a world of jutsu-wielding ninjas, is an anime series that won’t soon be forgotten. The series has many characters, some of which are fan favorites, and others that are not so beloved by most anime fans. One character that fits into the latter is Sakura Haruno, a member of Team 7, led by Hatake Kakashi.

In the anime series, hatred of Sakura is mainstream for no credible reason despite the achievements the character served at the ninja table. Sakura is an important character that directly/indirectly contributed to Naruto’s rise as a Ninja powerhouse and eventually the Seventh Hokage. Although hating Sakura is quickly becoming the norm, the character has notable accomplishments that should suggest otherwise. Here’s a rundown of Sakura’s most iconic feats.


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Sakura’s early life as a Shinobi-in-training

Most of Sakura’s notable feats tend to be forgotten—a situation that suffers from anime characters who are overshadowed by their protagonists. With proper research, fans will discover Sakura’s amazing qualities and talents as a model shinobi in the world of Naruto. As a shinobi-in-training, a noticeable fact about Sakura is her intelligence and steadfastness to a set goal. At the start of Naruto series, Sakura was above most of her peers in terms of academic prowess and diligence. In order to become the ideal Shinobi later in life, she was willing to give her all to her academics, and the results were proof of that. Consequently, her grades in most of her exams were perfect scores. Therefore, even though she wasn’t as tactically sound in battle as Naruto & Sasuke, she had her own accomplishments.

Furthermore, as a young shinobi, Sakura was honorable and willing to put her life on the line to protect her team members. A clear depiction of this narrative is well depicted in Chunin Exam Arc. At a critical moment, Sasuke & Naruto were unconscious after an intense battle and under Sakura’s treatment. In their battle-worn condition, they were very vulnerable to any kind of attack aimed at their lives. Luckily, Sakura protected the duo when a Sound Village ninja tried to attack her teammates. In the fight, Sakura showed her steadfast determination, even to the point of self-sacrifice. This event shows that Sakura embodies what it means to be a Shinobi, making her a character worthy of praise.

Another important fact to know about Sakura is that even as a young Shinobi she had a lot of control over her chakra. At this point in the series, Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the story, was anything but talented when it came to chakra control. Instead, he had a limitless chakra reserve that could support even his most exhausted actions, giving him little to no backlash. For characters like Sakura, chakra control is important because it prevents overuse of chakra and an early burnout in battles. As a young shinobi, Sakura was already paving the way to greatness – something she eventually achieved at the end of the series.

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Sakura’s iconic achievements

The first open achievement of Sakura i Naruto franchise defeated Sasori of Akatsuki. A leading argument against Sakura fans is that she would not have defeated Sasori without the help of Lady Chiyo. But if you examine the scenes of the fight critically, you will find that Sakura was the main driving force of the fight. It was because of her immense strength, similar to Tsunade, that she was able to conquer the mighty Sasori. This achievement is also complemented by Sakura saving Kankuro’s life. One of the consequences of fighting Sasori is facing his poison-dipped attacks. Although Sakura overcame this deadly ability, Kankuro was not so lucky. Gathering her skills as a medical ninjutsu practitioner, Sakura saved Kankuro’s life, restoring Gaara’s right hand to full health.

Another notable achievement of Sakura is mastering Creation Rebirth. Creation Rebirth jutsu is the medical ninjutsu ability created by Tsunade. It is a complex technique that increases the vitality of users by speeding up their recovery rate after taking damage. Sakura mastered this jutsu and performed it perfectly in the Fourth Great Ninja War as a decisive factor in the war. A subset of this ability is Ninja Art: Creation Rebirth – Strength of a Hundred Seals. This jutsu can only be performed by masters of the Creation Rebirth technique. An amazing fact about this jutsu is that it can be performed without any hand signs. In the shinobi world, performing hand signs is a disadvantage to most combat strategies because it takes time to perform. But with the strength of a hundred seals, there is no need to use exaggerated signs. This technique increases the users strength and self-healing properties to an incredible level. It is one of Sakura’s apex jutsu techniques, making her one of the strongest medical ninjutsu users in Naruto franchise.

Finally, Sakura’s greatest feat in terms of the story is saving Naruto’s life. Although she had saved the young Shinobi on previous occasions, her efforts towards the end of the Naruto, where she saved the main character, is underrated. Without Sakura’s help, Naruto would have expired in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Sakura is an underrated character in the The Naruto series with remarkable feats and achievements. Hopefully in the near future she will get the much needed praise she deserves from anime fans.

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