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Why Final Fantasy Type-0 would be a great anime

Why Final Fantasy Type-0 would be a great anime

Final Fantasy Type-0a lesser known game in Final Fantasy The franchise was originally released in Japan in 2010, with a US release in 2015. But despite its compelling history and related characters, it largely went under the radar at first release.

But with the right director and team, the potential for an anime adaptation can finally get the game under the spotlight it deserves. With so many games that have received anime adaptations over the years, Type-0 seems like it would benefit from the same treatment. Here’s why.


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The Rundown

To summarize the overall plot of Type-0, it takes place in a world known as Orience. Fourteen teenage cadets known as “Class Zero” have the task of defending their homeland, and taking back stolen lands from opposing countries.

In a world that is constantly at war with itself, the legend of an almighty being known as “Agito” is prophesied to come at the “End of Days”. It is up to Class Zero to prevent power from falling into the wrong hands and ensure that the world can reach a war-free future.

An ethically driven director

Given the dark themes Type-0 and the element of loss and gray morality, none other than Gen Urobuchi would be exceptional for the job. Not only do the stories capture the hearts of his audience, but with each story he creates, he always manages to make even the most diverse characters recognizable.

Urobuchi is no stranger to stories of child soldiers and the dark side of humanity’s obsession with morality. His most notable anime adaptations include Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Fate / nulland Suisei and Gargantia – which all addressed the same topics. If anything, his involvement in an anime adaptation too Type-0 would be a perfect addition to his legacy.

Opportunity for photos of the best quality

This would be a difficult verdict, unless the team had a budget for a joint collaboration between the two either Production IG or Ufotable would be the ideal choices for one Type-0 anime. Given how good it is Final Fantasy the team animates their scenes, a remarkable anime studio has to live up to that.

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Although both Production IG and Ufotable have a reputation for tastefully incorporating CGI into their works to provide viewers with only the most amazing fight scenes. Examples of their work will include Psycho-Pass and Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

An art style that includes realism and style

Final Fantasy Type-0 already has an original character designer in the form of Tetsuya Nomura, although a change in art style for an anime-specific anime adaptation in the style of none other than Hiroyuki Asada would make the series stand out from others Final Fantasy anime.

Especially given how unique his art style is, it is significant but versatile enough to use for any genre. He is best known for his work on Dororo, Hey Danshiand Tegamibachias they are all different genres from each other.

Melodic composer

Each anime needs a unique melody that sticks to the audience, and no better option than to address Hiroyuki Sawano by Attack on Titan fame. His choice of instrumental and vocals always exceeds the minimum amount to create an epic auditory narrative that immerses the audience in the moment.

For such an intense story as Type-0 is, Sawano’s melody will only serve to enhance the experience. The Japanese rock band, cold rain would not be a bad choice to act as vocalists for an opening either.

The unforgettable legend

By far the biggest criticism that comes with video game adaptations is that it is too much dependent on game narratives and tries to incorporate visual gameplay, instead of adapting the story properly. Sticking to the original narrative and critique of using dedicated childhood soldiers to achieve a broader goal should be retained, and with the manga side stories and novel published alongside the game, it should be no problem to include these as well. In addition, it will also allow veterans of the game to enjoy any content they may have missed or overlooked.

Square Enix never ceases to amaze audiences with its compelling stories, unique playing and unforgettable music. Final Fantasy Type-0 is no exception.

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