Why Berserk’s new anime needs to introduce the show’s strongest villain

Why Berserk’s new anime needs to introduce the show’s strongest villain

Berserk’s adaptation of a key moment from the manga gives fans hope that the series’ main villain may finally be adapted.

The strongest and most mysterious villain in the Berserk has never been animated, but an ongoing new anime adapting the Golden Age film trilogy into TV show format may right this wrong.

Although longtime fans initially never had high hopes for this to happen, Studio 4°C was Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – Memorial Edition recently including a scene between Guts and Casca from Berserk’s manga that even the 1997 anime failed to adapt. This unexpected adaptation now gives fans the possibility that this villain could finally be animated.


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In chapter 83 of Berserk by the late Kentaro Miura, Griffith has already begun his transformation into Femto under Berserk’s infamous Eclipse. But unbeknownst to fans who have only seen the original anime or movies, Griffith encounters the core of a being that identifies itself as The Idea of ​​Evil and the Desired God. The part of the Idea of ​​Evil that Griffith perceives appears to him as a giant heart, which informs him that it was born from the darkness that resides in the hearts of mankind because mankind wanted reasons for their suffering. So it now exists to do just that, obey the will of humanity by weaving their destiny.

The idea of ​​evil is key Berserk’s The theme of destiny

The Idea of ​​Evil reveals to Griffith that it controls fate in Berserk chapter 83

The Idea of ​​Evil is a critical character in Berserk’s mythos since determinism serves as a main theme throughout the series. Griffith was destined to become Femto i Berserk and by their brand Griffith’s victims were destined to die. The 1997 anime took this message to the next level by opening each episode with a quote from the Void of the God Hand affirming that humanity is not in control of its destiny. What the Idea of ​​Evil adds to this theme is that humanity may be the reason why they are not in control of their own destiny since they wanted to become a creature that now weaves their destiny for them. However, The Idea of ​​Evil also tells Griffith more. Apparently, it was established in the distant past that Griffith would appear and that the Idea of ​​Evil manipulated events so that Griffith would always be Femto. This suggests that someone or something other than the Idea of ​​Evil had already fated Griffith’s turn into darkness.

Since the creation of the Idea of ​​Evil is described by Griffith as occurring “in the distant past”, it is possible that whatever established this was in control of humanity’s destiny before humanity willed the Idea of ​​Evil into being, and that when Idea of ​​Evil took control. , it took over what was already set. That, or this unidentified controller, is of a higher power. Regardless, the Idea of ​​Evil further justifies what Griffith will do in the future, as it tells him that they both want the same thing, so whatever Griffith wants, God does.

This chapter partly explains why mankind is not in control of its own will, while at the same time alluding to an even higher power. Since the obvious purpose of Berserk: The Golden Age Arc – The Memorial Edition is to commemorate Kentaro Miura and his masterpieces Berserkshould this project adapt Griffith’s discussion with the Idea of ​​Evil, especially since Studio 4°C has already proven that it is willing to bring to life another important moment from Berserk manga that had never been animated until now.

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Berserk is available in English from Dark Horse Comics.

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