Who is the new Pokemon anime protagonist?

Who is the new Pokemon anime protagonist?

Since its debut in April 1997, Pokémon has been one of the most popular anime series in existence and a popular addition to the long-running Pokémon video game franchise. Over the past 25 years, protagonist Ash Ketchum has gone on a series of epic adventures, all without turning a day over 10 years old.

After the launch of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in November 2022, the latest anime series, “Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series”, is set to end. When the upcoming season debuts, the anime will undergo its most dramatic transition to date. Here’s everything to know about the future of anime and the new Pokémon protagonist.

Is Ash Ketchum Leaving The Pokemon Anime?

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu are perhaps the most iconic duo in anime history. | Screenshot provided by the official Pokemon YouTube channel

Ash Ketchum recently became the Pokémon World Champion. He defeated Steven Stone, Cynthia and Leon to win the World Coronation Series Masters Eight Tournament. In doing so, he fulfilled his mission to become “the very best that no one ever was.”

As a result, Ash’s character arc in the anime seems to have finally reached its natural conclusion. In December 2022, The Pokémon Company announced that Ash Ketchum and his iconic Pikachu would retire as the main characters of the Pokémon anime.

Their story formally ends during “Pokémon: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master,” an 11-episode miniseries. Afterwards, a new protagonist duo and Pokémon trio will take over and replace the longtime veterans of the series.

Who is the new Pokemon anime protagonist?

Liko and Roy, the new main Pokemon duo
Two new characters will take the spotlight in the upcoming anime series. | Screenshot provided by the official Pokémon YouTube channel

Instead of just one new main character for the Pokémon anime, a couple of new heroes will debut. There will be a girl called Liko and a boy called Roy. In addition, they will use the Paldea starters Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. However, it is unconfirmed which of the two will battle which of the three Pokémon.

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As of now, there is not much information available about Liko and Roy. All that has been confirmed is that they will travel through the Paldea region during the new Pokemon anime series. However, it is worth noting that Liko appears to have a hairpin similar to the Pokémon League logo on Ash’s hat from the first series.

Fans have also noticed that Liko resembles Ash and his love interest from “Pokémon the Series: XY,” Serena. As a result, some have speculated that Liko is Ash’s daughter. If this is the case, viewers may finally get to see an adult Ash in the future.

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