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Where does Spy x Family Anime end up in the manga?

Where does Spy x Family Anime end up in the manga?

Spy x Family has been announced as a two-part anime series. With the first cour ending, it’s worth wondering where in Spy x Family anime ends in manga.

If you’re a die hard fan of the series, read on Spy x Family manga to continue the story of the Forger family.

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Where does Spy x Family Anime end up in the manga?

Where does Spy x Family Anime end up in the manga?  -Contents

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The first cour of Spy x Family Anime is likely to end in Chapter 17 of the manga.

Spy x Family ‘The latest episode adapts an extra mission from chapter 8.5 in the manga where the Forger family goes out to have fun in the aquarium. Thus the title of Spy x Family Episode 12 is Penguin Park.

To begin with, fans expected the first course to end after Doggy Crisis Arc in Chapter 23. However, the last episode retains the extra mission of saving up chapters for new episodes.

In any case, it is very interesting to see that the anime has the ability to adapt additional manga chapters for future episodes.

Spy x Family is worth reading for anyone who wants to follow the adventures and fun twists and turns of the Forger family. It has over 60 chapters and nine volumes have been published so far.

Not to mention that the manga is still going on, so there is a lot more to come in the days ahead!

Do not worry, if you are not a manga reader, anime is very close to the source material. The anime did an excellent job of adapting the manga faithfully without skipping or cutting any significant scenes that non-manga fans would miss.

However, some speculate that Spy x Family anime’s second cour will last to the tennis arc. Some believe that the second course will take place after the Great Cruise Adventure Arc in Chapter 56.

But at the time of writing, there has been no word on the coverage of the second trial. For now, fans can only speculate about it during the anime break while reading the manga’s sequel to the story.

If you are not familiar, new chapters of Spy x Family manga is released every other week. This means that new chapters appear every two weeks.

Meanwhile, Spy x Family Episode 11 ends in Manga Chapter 17. This is the result of Anya’s sudden recognition after she saved the life of a boy.

Not only does she receive a stella, but she also has the right to ask for a reward from her father to keep her motivated.

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