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What you should know before the Anime premiere

What you should know before the Anime premiere

The anime season in the summer of 2022 is in high gear, and it includes a large selection of brand new anime series that fans can watch, including the new rom-com title When will Ayumu make his move?. This anime should appeal to anyone who enjoyed the romantic battle Kaguya-Sama: Love is war Even Science fell in love.

Just basic details about the plot and the premise of When will Ayumu make his move? are available, but anyone who enjoys high school anime series or the like Kaguya-Sama have to enjoy this too and they can even get on with it Ayumu manga if they want it. There are many ways to experience the story of Tanaka Ayumu and his adventures at school, shoji and true love.

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The plot and the premises for when will Ayumu make his move?

When will Ayumu make his move? will be a charming anime series starring Tanaka Ayumu, a first-year high school student who believes love and games make up the perfect cocktail. He is already struck by his beautiful and radiant late pie Yaotome Urushi, a violet-haired girl who is an expert in shogi. She also runs the school’s unofficial shogi club, and Ayumu wants to join that club so he can get closer to the dream girl. However, it is not as easy for Ayumu, who obviously likes to play games in life as well. He bets his pending love confession on shogi, and promises not to confess his feelings for Urushi until he can defeat her just in shogi.

Ayumu is clearly a stubborn and cheerful boy who does not like that things are too simple or easy, and most likely he is a type of person who wants to earn absolutely everything he has. That, or he has made this rule so that he can buy himself time and work courage to confess to Urushi when he is good and ready. Anyway, Urushi soon realizes Ayumu’s game and wants him to admit his amorous feelings, but getting him to make that confession is life’s challenge. The stubborn Ayumu will not dare to let anything slip until he wins a game of shogi, and with Urushi as a shogi superstar, it is a long way from the confession of love. The intellectual battle between wit, shogi and love has begun, and everything is at stake. It’s time to take action and hope for the best.

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Where can you read and see When will Ayumu make his move?

The anime version of When will Ayumu make his move? will start streaming in the West on July 8, and the only streaming platform that supports anime is HIDIVE, since Sentai Filmworks is licensed Ayumu anime. It is not yet clear which languages ​​will be available for subtitles and dub, but most likely anime will initially be available in Japanese dub with English subtitles.

In the meantime, have When will Ayumu make his move? the manga series is underway, and a small handful of volumes are already available for purchase in the west for interested fans. So far have Ayumu manga has five volumes on the shelves, and volume 6 will be available on 12 July 2022. Volume 7 will follow on 6 September. A few large retailers all have stock prints and / or digital copies of Ayumu manga, such as Barnes & Noble, which offers the series both in print and digitally with the Nook function. In the same way, Amazon’s book department stocks all available volumes both in print and digitally with the Kindle and ComiXology formats, and Right Stuf Anime offers the print volumes for When will Ayumu make his move??.

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