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What you should know before anime starts

What you should know before anime starts

The summer 2022 anime Call of the Night is a dark but exciting shonen title, starring a boy and his wild new vampire friend Nazuna.

The anime season in the summer of 2022 launches one must-see title after another. There are a handful of return series such as Overlord and Made in Abyss along with some slick new titles like Yakuza’s babysitter guide, Engage Kiss and especially Call of the Night. The real fun begins when the sun goes down.

Call of the Night is a brand new shonen action / adventure story that follows the trend “ordinary character and their extraordinary new friend” in anime. A middle school student named Ko meets a wild, carefree vampire lady who is about to turn his life upside down in the pale light of the moon. Ko once thought he was an ordinary boy with a boring life, but that’s over now. Here is a preview of what to expect from the summer of 2022 Call of the Night.

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The plot and premise of Call of the Night

Only basic details are known about Call of the Night from the anime’s short trailer, but they are absolutely promising. The story plays Yamori Ko, an imperceptible middle school student who gets tired of his everyday life and stops going to school. However, he has no exciting hobbies or projects of his own to focus on, so he has dammed up energy and no way to release it. This means that he wanders on sleepless nights just to stay busy – but the night will soon be busy with him as well. In the dark, Ko meets a hedonistic, carefree vampire lady named Nanakusa Nazuna, who immediately becomes friends with him and invites him to spend some time with her. This is the adventure Ko has been waiting for.

Dark creatures like vampires never give these offers freely; there is always a price to pay. Nazuna wants to help Ko revive his passion and find meaning in his everyday life, but she can only bite his neck and draw his blood in exchange. If she can generously give Ko what he wants, he must pay a blood tribute – and if Ko knows what he is doing, he can earn the right to become a powerful vampire himself. Maybe a romance will even flourish in this new vampire anime.

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Where to watch and read Call of the Night

Call of the Night remains ongoing in both manga and anime form, and this dark shonen series always welcomes new fans. Interested readers can move on in the story with the manga’s eight current volumes available in English, with volume 9 scheduled for release on September 13, 2022.

A few large retailers have paperbacks and / or digital copies of Call of the Night, with Barnes & Noble stocking all eight current volumes in paperback as well as digitally with the Nook reader. Similarly, Amazon’s book department has these eight volumes in paperback format as well as Kindle & comiXology for digital readers. RightStufAnime also offers all current Call of the Night bind in pocket format.

When it comes to anime, Call of the Night begins streaming on the evening of July 7, CST, with new episodes airing weekly. Thanks to being licensed by Sentai Filmworks, it can be found on the streaming platform HIDIVE. The Call of the Night Anime will most likely be available in Japanese dub with English subtitles, and more languages ​​may be added to sub and / or dub as the season progresses.

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