What anime to watch after I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

What anime to watch after I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

I’m the villain, so I tame the final boss is a villainous isekai anime title for the fall 2022 season. For the most part, it’s a conventional “reborn as the bad girl” story that didn’t really deconstruct the villain concept, but this anime engages viewers with its clever plot lines, fast pace, and surprisingly wholesome and inspiring central romance.

Now, protagonist Aileen d’Autriche’s otome game adventure is coming to an end, and anyone who wants more can check out these other anime titles for more villainy, romance, or isekai fun. And if anyone felt let down by I’m the villainit’s just one more reason to check out these other titles to find your new favorite.

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My Next Life as a Villain tames the final boss’s most obvious anime cousin

My Next Life as a Villainess Season 2 header cropped

Another prominent villain anime with a similar premise is the popular one My Next Life as a Villain: All Routes Lead to Doom!. Plot-wise, it’s weaker than I’m the villain, and protagonist Katarina Claes suffers from having a circular character arc after a point. still, My next life won many fans with its relatively fresh take on the isekai subgenre, starring Katarina Claes as everyone’s favorite bakader who is a lover, not a fighter. Katarina is no self-effort – she is a well-intentioned but dense girl who wants to reinvent her role as Fortune lovesis a bad girl and makes everyone happy so they don’t have to fall in love after all. This will stop Fortune lovesher act and spares Katarina from her bad endings, but in the process she accidentally forms a co-ed harem of adoring lovers, from the dander Maria Cambell and the confident Maria Hunt to Katarina’s own foster brother, Keith Claes.

Trapped in a Dating Sim has a punk hero who makes strong friends

A collage of the characters from Trapped In A Dating Sim.

Trapped in a Dating Sim has a male lead named Leon Bartfort instead of a villain in a dress, but the basic premise is remarkably similar. This is another isekai anime where the hero is teleported to an otome game, except this game world has hard sci-fi elements and a society where girls and women make the rules. Leon Bartfort, like Aileen d’Autriche, is an underdog who must use his wits to survive and make powerful friends who can protect him. Just as Aileen is cozying up to the kudure demon king Claude, Leon forms a key alliance with the powerful himedra Angelica Redgrave, who is a bit pretentious but otherwise a good person. There’s even a magical girl in the works, the dandy Olivia, who could become this game world’s version of the Holy Sword Maiden character found in I’m the villain.

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Welcome to the Demon School, Iruma-kun! Is more like I’m the villain than the fans expected

Iruma abnormal class

In a moment, Welcome to the Demon School, Iruma-kun! seems completely different than I’m the villain, especially since it is not based on otome games and has no villain character. However, any anime fan looking for another official villain isekai series can easily find one, while Iruma-kun! is an unexpected choice that may appeal to I’m the villain fans anyway. Both anime series are positive, colorful isekai stories with a lovable protagonist who survives not with OP fighting moves, but with key relationships and smarts. The blue-haired Iruma Suzuki can survive not only with his ring of gluttony, but also thanks to important friendships with demon students such as Azazel Ameri and Asmodeus Alice. Proving that the power of friendship and true love is stronger than any power struggle, both anime series provide an inspiring, heartwarming narrative where connecting with other people is the best fighting strategy of all.

The fruit basket features an emotionally strong girl who fights evil with kindness

Fruit basket_2019_Plakat_3 Cropped

Fruit basket may not be isekai, but this iconic shojo anime has thematic ties to I’m the villain which any romance fan will enjoy. Just as Aileen d’Autriche survives her villainous role with sheer compassion and empathy, Tohru Honda wins over Sohmas with her legendary kindness and emotional support. Tohru doesn’t even need survival to motivate her – she helps people simply because it’s the right thing to do; a lesson she learned from her late mother Kyoko. Tohru also meets her own Claudes, these are the kuuder Yuki Sohma and his tsundere cousin Kyo, who both act tough but have a lot of emotional baggage and insecurities to deal with. Tohru also has her own Lilia Rainworth in the antagonistic Akito Sohma, who wants Tohru to step back and let the Sohmas celebrate their zodiac in peace. However, Tohru knows better and will persevere to the very end.

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