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Viz reveals updates for ‘Bleach’, ‘Chainsaw Man’ and more

Viz reveals updates for ‘Bleach’, ‘Chainsaw Man’ and more

Anime Expo is the largest stage in the anime and manga world, and all major players in the industry have taken action to announce their biggest news.

One of the most exciting sets of announcements came from Viz Media. The manga and anime giant took this weekend to reveal new details about their hottest titles as well as major new acquisitions and promotions.

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Bleach: New Anime Arc and Digital Anime Sales

The legendary shonen manga Bleach had a strong presence in the publisher’s industry panel, focused around the announcement that the anime’s “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc is set to have its Viz English-language location coming soon. The panel included a special video message from Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo, where the author recalled the sentimental value of this bow being written for the manga at the same time as the original release of Bleach anime. In addition, Viz recently unveiled a world premiere trailer for the arc:


In addition to the “Thousand-Year Blood War Arc”, Viz’s celebration of Bleach contained a flash sale for digital copies of anime. The entire original anime series of Bleach (366 English-dubbed episodes over 13 seasons) is now available for a special price of $ 99 from 5-7. July. Sales are currently direct on the Apple TV, Microsoft Store and VUDU app.

Chainsaw: Manga Return Announcement

The very hot action manga Chainsaw has also been announced by Viz for a new localization installment just around the corner. Made by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the new volume of Chainsaw is set to be released on July 12. The first 11 collected volumes of the series are now available on Viz’s website.

Hane Fighter: A new manga where a bird saves the world

While iconic shone features were at the heart of Viz’s announcements, there was also a brand new announcement that literally works for the birds. 2020 online manga, Hane Fighter, has been confirmed for digital and print localization by Viz. A brand new trailer revealing the idiosyncratic action comedy has been released:

Set in a sci-fi post-apocalypse, Hane Fighter follows the story of a rooster who finds himself the key to saving the world. The new trailer certainly captures the unabashedly absurd concept of the series, which has been a huge hit online globally and especially in Latin American markets. The location is currently set for August, with new details coming soon.

As all the new events and announcements abound at this year’s Anime Expo, GameRant is pleased to present full coverage of all the major announcements, screenings, events and fandoms. For full coverage of the event, stay tuned to the GameRants anime section.

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