Violet Evergarden First Film Standard Blu-ray Released Monday – News

Violet Evergarden First Film Standard Blu-ray Released Monday – News

Monday 12 December at Anime limited will release three standard Blu-ray editions. One of them is of the first Violet Evergarden film, Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll. The film’s story centers on Isabella, the heiress of a noble house. She attends a school for well-groomed young women, under a “contract” with her father. For her, this beautiful place where white camellias bloom is nothing more than a prison. Having given up all hopes and expectations for her future, Isabella meets her new manners teacher, Violet Evergarden.

Minako Kotobuki plays Isabella York, the scion of the great and noble House of York who is pessimistic about her future and has no love for Violet, her new teacher. Aoi Yuki plays Taylor Bartlett, a girl with no family who comes to visit Violet. The main cast from the TV anime also returned for this film.

Anime limited will also release a standard Blu-ray from the first season onwards In/Spectre. This is a TV anime adaptation of the Kyo Shirodaira and Chasiba Katasehis manga of the same name. Kodansha comics published the manga in English, and it described the supernatural mystery romance:

“When she was still just a girl, Kotoko was kidnapped by yokai. These spirits made her a powerful intermediary between the spirit and human worlds, but this power came at a price: an eye and a bone. Now, years later, she watches over dangerous yokai as he develops feelings for a young man named Kuro, who is also special: an incident with a yokai has given him healing powers, he is surprised when Kotoko asks him to team up to deal with the renegade yokai, and preserve it thin line between reality and the supernatural.”

Keiji Gotoh (Kiddie class, Endride, Sengoku collection) directed the anime to Brain baseand Noboru Takagi (Durarara!!, Golden Kamuy, Kuroko’s Basketball) was responsible for the series’ script. Takatoshi Honda (RIN-NE conceptual design) designed the characters and was the animation director. NAS presented the project.

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Anime limited will also release a standard Blu-ray of Lupine the Third: Part 5. This 2018 series moves the story’s setting to modern day France. While Lupine still uses classic cars and traditional weapons like the Walter P38, he also uses the Internet, mobile devices and other digital gadgets to take on his enemies. Yuichiro Yano returned from the fourth series to direct the anime on Telecom animated filmalong with character designer Hisao Yokobori and musical composer Yuji Ohno.

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