Vagabond Anime – Release date, history and what you should know

Vagabond Anime – Release date, history and what you should know

The famous mangaka Takehiko Inoue is a much-admired figure in the anime industry. His 90s basketball-themed manga Slam Dunk has been credited as an all-time great that set the pace for future sports anime adaptations. Similarly, Vagabond is another one of Inoue’s highly acclaimed manga series that has been published for over two decades.

But what is amazing is the fact that there is nothing Vagabond anime despite the manga being ranked by millions as a masterpiece. An anime adaptation of Inoue’s fictional take on legendary Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto hasn’t been officially confirmed, though here’s everything you need to know about its possible arrival.

When is The Vagabond Anime coming out?

Unfortunately, the Vagabond anime has not been confirmed to be in production there is no release date to look forward to. On the bright side of things, the anime industry is a place where anything is possible, and we’re sure the Vagabond anime will air one day— a wild guess would have been 2024.

Oddly enough, there’s a simple explanation behind why an adaptation hasn’t happened yet. It’s because the manga has panels that are like that incredibly hand drawn that some consider them impossible to make into an anime without compromising quality. But with what is possible in terms of animation quality lately, that may not be a problem anymore.

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What is The Vagabond Anime about? (Disclosure Notice)

In the aftermath of a major Japanese civil war, two warriors belonging to the losing side, Takezō Shinmen (Musashi Miyamoto) and Matahachi Hon’iden take different paths in life as one chooses to live a quiet life, while the other decides to become a vagabond and challenge enemies considered unbeatable.

Takezo, our villain in question, is becoming notorious for the ferocity with which he strikes down his opponents. After he returns to his hometown one day, he is caught on unfair accounts but it is during this short period of captivity that a monk makes him rethink who he wants to be in life.

The Vagabond manga consists of over 36 volumes that collect quite a lot 325+ chapters. Each chapter is made with so much dedication, which is why, in essence, the art of manga is considered in a league of its own.

Which studio makes Vagabond Anime?

It is difficult to choose a suitable studio to animate Vagabond. Given how iconic the art of manga is, unless there is a studio with enough manpower and a big enough budget to support it, the anime will not be able to do Takehiko Inoue’s historical epic justice.

There is currently no studio that has revealed that it is working on the Vagabond anime. A top pick would be to get Unphotographable (Demon Slayer) or Studio MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen), or even both considering the difficulty, to initiate the project.

Where will Vagabond Anime be shown?

There are a few places where Vagabond anime can be streamed. Netflix is ​​an option, but in our opinion it wouldn’t be the best choice given the service’s track record of cutting corners in producing anime adaptations.

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While their video game adaptations like Arcane are showered with praise, the production quality of their anime originals, Record of Ragnarok to be more specific, was not so well received by fans. What would work for Inoue’s manga would be a third party production with a good studio like Wit or MAPPA, then have it broadcast on Crunchyroll perhaps.

We can also be sure that Inoue must have received at least an offer or two from companies to turn Vagabond into an anime, but he’s picky when it comes to his works, and rightly so considering the delicate matter with the art style. There’s no shortage of riveting story moments in the manga either, so with any luck the panels may finally witness mainstream glory in the near future.

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