UniteUp! Male Idol Anime’s first trailer and January 7 premiere revealed

UniteUp!  Male Idol Anime’s first trailer and January 7 premiere revealed

The previously disclosed UniteUp! male idol anime has received its first trailer and visual, as well as a Japanese premiere date of January 7th.

Aside from showing off some footage and playing part of the theme song “Unite up!” of UniteUp!, the trailer also previews the voices of the members of the idol units PROTOSTAR, LEGIT, and JAXX/JAXX. The segments for the latter two are accompanied by their respective songs “”Twenty Four”” and “Liar.”

The release of the new promotional material and release date was accompanied by personnel information for CloverWorks-produced anime. Shinichiro Ushijima (I want to eat your pancreas) handles director duties with series composition from Rino Yamazaki (Akebi’s sailor uniform) and character designs from Majiro (Macross Delta co-character designer).

Other employees include Hiromi Ishigami (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The movie Part 2 action animation director) as action director, Masahiro Miyake (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) as art director, Kazuko Nakajima (Wonder Egg Priority) as color designer, Yukiko Nagase (Idolmaster SideM) as director of photography, and Yuuki Hayashi (Arknights -Prelude to Dawn-) as a music composer.

UniteUp! is based on Sony Music’s “Multidimensional Idol Project” of the same name, which is described as:

“Suddenly a YouTube channel opens, a variety of songs from various artists appear. “KIKUNOYU”, “EVAN” and “SUZU” released a cover of the popular song “I Tried Singing”. As solo artists, “Daiki Takao”, “Eishiro Nijo” and “Fuga Togo” all released songs with top-notch musicianship. “Haruka” showcased his unique singing voice by focusing on the songs he composed himself. Top idol “Anela” showcases her overwhelming presence with a high-quality performance. The Music their and their feelings united will lead to a new spectacle.”

©Project UniteUp!

The previously announced cast members include:

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• Kikunosuke Toya as Akira Kiyose

• Ryoutarou Yamaguchi as Banri Naoe

• Amon Hirai as Chihiro Isuzugawa


• Magura Sukegawa as Daiki Takao

• Shinnosuke Morikage as Eishirou Nijou

• Ryuuichirou Sakata as Fuuga Tougou


• masa as Gakuto Haruka

• Yuuki Shimomae as Homare Katsura

• Takumi Magoshi as Izumi Kashii

• Kousei Tsubokura as Jun Wakasa

• Gaku Takumoto as Kanata Morinomiya


• Souma Saitou as Lin Ootsuki

• Yoshiki Nakajima as Maoto Tsujidou

Source: Unite! website

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