Underrated anime that has gotten better as the season has progressed

Underrated anime that has gotten better as the season has progressed

The autumn 2022 anime season has had many heavy hits, with big names such as Bleach, Chainsawman, and many more popular shows making for one of the most stacked anime seasons in a long time. The hype hasn’t stopped as the 2022 fall season reaches its conclusion.

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Despite the high profile of many of the shows airing this season, there are quite a few shows that have flown under the radar despite being just as good as the others. Some shows started off pretty slow, but have only gotten better as the series progressed. Here are some underrated franchises that have improved the most this season.


6/6 More than a married couple, but not lovers

More-Than-A-Married-Couple anime

Jiro Yakuin’s high school has implemented a couple training program that pairs a male and female student together to act as husband and wife. Introverted Jiro wants to be with his childhood friend and crush Shiori Sakurazaka, but ends up with outgoing and trendy Akari Watanabe instead. Akari is in love with the popular Minami Tenjin, but she and Jiro must endure each other to pass the training and end up with the partners they want.

More than a married couple, but not lovers seems like a pretty standard rom-com series, and it certainly is. However, the show does a good job of making the two main heroines loveable, so the love triangle with the main character is actually quite compelling. While the show can certainly get very sassy, ​​it has heartwarming romantic moments that will have you rooting for one girl or the other.

5/6 The little lies we all tell

The Little Lies We All Tell The Lead Actor Eats Lunch

Sekine, Rikka, Chiyo, and Tsubasa are the best of friends, and they spend every day hanging out at the all-girls school and making wonderful memories of their youth. However, each of them hides a dark secret they cannot let anyone else know: Sekine is psychic, Rikka is an alien, Chiyo is a ninja, and Tsubasa is a cross-dressing boy. Can each of them get through each day without letting their secret get out?

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The little lies we all tell looks like a basic anime with cute girls, but it’s actually quite funny. The jokes initially don’t land very well, but as the series goes on and the characters become more defined, the humor really starts to take off. The absurdity of the later episodes makes wading through some of the less interesting early episodes worth it, and it honestly doesn’t take long for the show to hit its stride.

4/6 The Human Crazy University

The Human Crazy University Satake and the Professor

Hirofumi Satake is a death row inmate convicted of the murder of his fiancee. After miraculously surviving the execution, Satake meets a strange professor who is interested in his unique ability to survive even the most dangerous situations, and as Satake tries to recover his lost memories, he begins to wonder if he really killed his fiancée his.

The Human Crazy University looks rather unappealing to begin with, and is certainly a low-budget effort with simple animation and art style. In addition, the first few episodes were quite boring, mostly focused around stories based on legends about bizarre situations from around the world. However, the story soon changes to a worldwide adventure that takes Satake from city to city, while the mystery of whether he actually killed his fiancée remains up in the air.

3/6 Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-kun season 3

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun Season 3

Iruma Suzuki is a young boy who is always being thrown around by his negligent and irresponsible parents. In an incredibly selfish move, Iruma’s parents sell him to a demon for money. To Iruma’s surprise, the demon is surprisingly kind, only wanting to adopt Iruma as his grandson. With a new family and a new life, Iruma begins attending Babyl’s School for Demons, making sure to keep his human identity a secret.

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Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kunThe third season kicks off with the Harvest Festival arc, which doesn’t necessarily start off on the best foot. However, after a lengthy training period, the arc begins in earnest and the action begins to take off. Although the arc has yet to reach its climax, it is certain that when it does, it will be very exciting.

2/6 Raven of the Inner Palace

Raven Of The Inner Palace Anime

Liu Shouxue serves as the Raven Consort, a unique position in the Emperor’s Palace. While she is technically a consort of the Emperor, she does not perform nightly duties. Instead, she communicates with the spirits and investigates strange occurrences throughout the palace. Although her demeanor is unfriendly and she prefers solitude, a chance encounter with the current emperor begins to change her life.

Raven of the Inner Palace is an extremely underrated series that not enough people are talking about. The animation is beautiful, and the stories are both sad and mysterious. Although initially a very slow-moving series, the show has picked up a bit as the characters’ relationships continue to develop. Although not as exciting as an action show or as funny as a comedy series, Raven of the Inner Palace is one of the most beautiful shows this season.

1/6 Bocchi The Rock!

Kessoku Band in Uniform – Bocchi The Rock Episode 7

Hitori Goto is an introverted girl who has a deep interest in the guitar, who soon becomes incredibly skilled at the instrument. But her skills don’t translate into confidence, and her inability to carry out even basic social interaction makes her a recluse who can barely go to school every day. By chance, she meets two high school girls who are trying to form a band, and reluctantly becomes a rock star.

Bocchi the Rock! wasn’t slated to be one of the biggest anime of the fall 2022 season, but it certainly is now. The series mixes the usual slice of life comedy with surreal imagery to create a hilarious series that is nevertheless surprisingly resonant for those who tend to struggle with social interaction. While it may not be the best anime of the season, it has certainly done better than most expected.

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