Toy finds from the recently released “Saban Moon” video

Toy finds from the recently released “Saban Moon” video

For years, many Sailor Moon superfans were early on surprised at how and why Sailor Moon toys were designed differently than their anime counterparts. Here’s what the “Saban Moon” pilot teaches us about some of those (likely) choices.

For context, first we need to talk about the internet called “Saban Moon”.

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An old one Sailor Moon Television show pilot that was created in the 1990s but later scrapped for the original series has finally gone public thanks to former Bandai America president Frank Ward. The pilot episode was called “Saban Moon”, after famous Power Rangers producer Haim Saban. There wasn’t much else to name the pilot after, as for decades fans only got glimpses of it pilot episode. Cuts from the pilot were shown and debuted at Anime Expo, and the footage of an audience member with a video camera and then published online. This is the first time we’ve been able to watch the entire episode.

Lost media documentary YouTuber Ray Mona also obtained permission for the footage obtained from The Library of Congress by Ward

In 1996, Irwin Toy Limited released a North American Sailor Moon toy line. These toys ranged from deluxe and adventure dolls, all the way to play sets. However, the design choices for a few of these toys have left Sailor Moon collectors confused. Here are some of the toys that make a little more sense now that “Saban Moon” has been found.

Photos via moonsisters

The cycle of the moon: For decades, the infamous lunar cycle stood out like a sore thumb among the rest Sailor Moon toys. A crescent shaped vehicle the perfect size for your Sailor Moon Adventure doll to ride around in. What was a moon cycle? Why was there a lunar cycle? Who Uses a Moon Cycle? Now, thanks to the “Saban Moon” pilot, we have a better idea.

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In the pilot, Sailor Moon and her princess friends all have different vehicles to drive around space. These vehicles have various crescent-shaped wind sails, and are meant to fly around like A dragon attached to surfboards with laser beam attachments. They are called “sky flyers”. We got a brief look at them in the leaked footage of the past dozen years, but a significant display of the sky planes in the recently released pilot confirmed some similarities between the lunar cycle and Sailor Moonhis (attempted) signature tours.

Sailor Moon’s Sailor Locket: This is probably the most obvious revelation in the pilot. We see, clear as day, Sailor Moon’s trademark transformation well, but turned pink and referred to as a locket. This description of Sailor Moon’s (original title) transformation brooch made it all the way down to marketing for the toy, keeping the name as “Sailor Moon’s Sailor Locket.” In the pilot, they are referred to as “the most powerful pendants in the universe.”

Photos via Sailor Tortilla

Cosmic Crescent Jewel Box: Die-hard fans of Sailor Moon franchise will tell you that the Crescent Compact has actually belonged to Sailor Venus since her Codename: Sailor V days. However, the marketing for the Cosmic Crescent Jewel Box featured a lot of Sailor Moon-specific involvement with the item, specifically an Empyrean Jewel Ring and a Sailor Moon necklace. In the western pilot episode, we see Sailor Moon receiving a star pendant from her fianc√©, Tuxedo Mask. (Except here it’s a star-shaped pendant instead.) Several times through pilot episode, a small pink gem is seen, and placed in the magical compact/locket instead of Sailor Moon’s “Maboroshi no Ginzuishou” or “Silver Crystal”. The silver crystal is, of course, silver, so we can speculate that this new pink, differently shaped gem is the empyrean jewel. We can also see Tuxedo Mask’s rose “fall” from Sailor Moon’s locket/compact after she uses the tiara attack.

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Cosmic Crescent Wand: Everything that is true of the Cosmic Crescent Jewel Box with its Empyrean Jewel would also be true of the Cosmic Crescent Wand with its pink jewel-adorned top in the middle. The Empyrean Jewel Ring appears to detach from the Crescent Wand, hinting that it works the same way the (implied) Empyrean detaches and attaches to Sailor Moon’s “Sailor Locket”.

Pictures via usa_p on ebay

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