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Top 10 strongest Anime armies, ranked

Top 10 strongest Anime armies, ranked

Anime’s action-packed plot contains powerful armies that pose a threat to both heroes and villains. Anime’s most threatening armies conquer entire planets with their vast resources or include fighter jets with destructive abilities. Both human forces and those from other species succeed in establishing a reputation for themselves on the battlefields of their world.

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Successful anime armies use advanced technology and use countless strategies to carry out their respective plans. Even legendary armies that eventually meet their end through a protagonist’s ally create enough chaos to affect a world for years to come. Anime armies are really organizations that can be feared for the power they have at their disposal.

This article contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga.

10 The Band Of The Falcon Earns Infamy On The Battlefield (Berserk)

Griffith’s Band of the Falcon establishes a reputation for itself for its fighting skills and its ability to achieve what others cannot. The Band of the Falcons’ dominance on the battlefield gives them recognition of the King of Midland, and the military’s respect.

The legendary group benefits from talented leaders like Guts who lead them to victory on almost every occasion. The Band of the Falcon would have retained its hard-earned noble status if not for Griffith’s sudden betrayal. Numerous skilled fighter jets count themselves within the group’s ranks and demonstrate their strength throughout the Hundred Years’ War.

9 Hellsing organization fights supernatural units (Hellsing)

The secretive Hellsing organization has the training and resources to fight against vampires and other supernatural entities. The Hellsing organization has ultimate weapons in its control of Alucard and vampire soldiers like Seras Victoria who turn out to be almost unstoppable on the battlefield.

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Effective leaders such as Integra command Hellsing with the skill to oppose the Millennium Organization’s scientific experiments. Hellsing maintains its ability to fight by recruiting troops from outside the organization to fight on its behalf. Integra’s perseverance prevents the Millennium from eliminating Hellsing as a threat to plans for war.

8 Britannian Military Sustains A Global Superpower (Code Geass)

Britannian Military’s unsurpassed advanced technology and loyalty culture ensures the empire’s continued reign as a global superpower. The military organization’s use of heavily armed war machines known as the Knightmare Frames gives the empire a great advantage over any enemy of enemy force.

Even the empire’s fiercest enemies, such as the Black Knights, struggle to fight with the resources and strength of the British military in numbers. Britannian Military’s combat capability gives the empire control over an expansive territory and the ability to overpower global organizations such as the EU. Each affiliated military branch maintains a rigorous organization that responds quickly.

7 Earth Federation Forces Reign Over Space (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Earth Federation Forces uses futuristic space technology, meccas and other weapons of mass destruction to counter rebellion against its authority. The Earth Federation’s close ties to the earth’s richest families provide its military with significant means to increase power. Although the Earth Federation Force lacks the technological prowess of Zeon, it has the advantage in terms of training level.

The Earth Federation Force eventually wins against the opposing principality of Zeon and develops strategies to defend itself against mobile suits. Earth’s ruling force maintains its influence for a time despite the enormous losses that occur through the one-year war.

Amestris’ State Military’s alchemical knowledge and its position at the forefront of the country make it one of the world’s most prominent military powers. The state military’s collection of alchemical resources and research opportunities enables the state alchemists to unleash destructive forces against Amestris’ enemies.

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The state military uses its scientific expertise to create superhuman chimeras and increase efficiency away from public knowledge. Specialized departments in the organization handle the country’s more hidden conflicts and ensure the success of the operations. Many of Amestri’s most skilled alchemists undoubtedly serve the state military and its leaders.

5 The paranormal liberation front challenges the Hero Society (My Hero Academia)

The paranormal liberation front poses one of the greatest threats to the heroic community with the inventions of both the League of Villains and thousands of dedicated members. The Paranormal Liberation Front’s access to All For One’s resources and Re-Destro’s fortune give the organization the opportunity to launch devastating attacks across Japan.

Even the best Pro Heroes struggle to defend themselves against the Paranormal Liberation Front’s pervasive political influence and propaganda. The organization’s public image brings in a stream of new followers who advance their cause and strengthen their already impressive army.

4 Muzan Kibutsuji’s demons constantly threaten humanity (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer’s Muzan Kibutsuji has the authority over thousands of demons with supernatural speed and power. While the weakest demons under Muzan’s control often fall to Demon Slayers, demons like the Twelve Kizuki fight with a skill that most people cannot match. The immortality of demons gives them the potential to train for hundreds of years and claim countless sacrifices.

Muzan’s continuous creation of new demons ensures that demons remain a threat to humans for thousands of years despite the Demon Slayer Corps’ existence. The end of Muzan’s reign over his army demands great sacrifices within the Demon Slayer Corps.

3 The Chimera ants have the power to take over the world (Hunter X Hunter)

Chimera Maurene’s multi-species genetics result in an army of creatures with beneficial traits and abilities to survive. Although the lowest ranked chimera ants turn out to be relatively weak, the species’ upper layer has increasingly formidable power that competes with the world’s best Nen users. Chimera Maurene’s discovery of Nen makes them an even more deadly threat to humanity.

King Meruem and his royal guards demonstrate the full potential of the Chimera Moors with their almost unimaginable Nen reserves and unstoppable power. The activation of the rose of the poor man only manages to prevent Meruem and his followers from taking control of humanity.

2 The Rumbling’s Wall Titans Devastate Earth (Attack On Titan)

Eren Jaeger’s army of the Wall Titans possess enough overwhelming power and relentless efficiency to destroy the earth and humanity. Each Wall Titan has the potential to kill countless people through heat generation and the impact of their high size. The combined power and damage resistance of thousands of Wall Titans creates an almost unstoppable force for humans to face.

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Although Eren’s Wall Titans are eventually disabled due to the loss of those who control them, the Titan Army eliminates 80% of the world’s population. The Wall Titan Army turns out to be scary enough to inflict a catastrophic event on human history.

1 Frieza conquers most of the universe (Dragon Ball)

Emperor Frieza’s army spans an entire universe and counts many powerful species among its ranks. The power of the Frieza force maintains control over hundreds of planets through fear and pure force. Frieza’s own extraordinary power and ability to force loyalty among his subjects results in an army strong enough to almost drive an advanced species like the Saiyans to extinction.

Frieza Force possesses the power and resources to destroy entire planets because they are simply not profitable. Frieza and those who fight for him rarely experience failure before the remaining Saiyans choose to strike back.

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