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Top 10 most significant hairstyle changes in Anime, ranked

Top 10 most significant hairstyle changes in Anime, ranked

Anime is known for giving the characters their exaggerated features. This is especially true when it comes to their hair. Anime hair can range from just being a simple design element to denoting a deeper character trait. Regardless, hair is an important part of anime.

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While hairstyle changes in anime can mean many things, they are often used to visualize a turning point in a character’s life or milestone in their development. Although the styles and colors vary widely, anime hair is an important storytelling tool.

10 Tanjiro Kamado saves Nezuko (Demon Slayer)

In the beginning of Demon butcher, Tanjiro Kamado’s hair is pulled into a short ponytail that his father used to sport. Unfortunately, when Tanjiro tries to protect his sister Nezuko, who has been turned into a demon, from Hashira Giyu Tomioka, a narrow miss cuts off Tanjiro’s long locks.

Tanjiro then embarks on a journey to find a way to cure his sister and to take revenge on the demon who killed his family. Along the way, he fights smaller demons and makes some friends who help him in his quest. He decides to keep his short hair, reminding the audience of the act of selflessness that inspired it.

9 Rin Sohma meets Akito’s anger (fruit basket)

One of the members of the accursed Sohma family in Fruit basket is Isuzu Sohma, or Rin, as she prefers. The head of the family, Akito, discovers that Rin and another member, Haru, are in love.

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Akito takes out the rage and jealousy of Rin. She cuts Rin’s hair out of envy and jealousy to make her feel unwanted. Despite this horrific act that led to this change, Rin finds the freedom to accept herself as well as Haru’s love for her.

8 Mizuha Miyamizu goes on (your name)

Your name is a brilliant anime film from 2016 about two young people named Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana who share a connection when they wake up in each other’s bodies. Although they do not seem to control it, Taki and Mitsuha undertake to help each other and discover the meaning of life.

Without the two knowing it, they actually live in two different time periods. So when Mitsuha leaves to find Taki in Tokyo, he does not recognize her. Thinking he has gone on and forgotten her, Mitsuha returns to her hometown and cuts the long hair she used to tie with a string, symbolizing not only her heartache but also her decision to move on.

7 All Might Loses His Powers (My Hero Academia)

IN My Hero Academia, All Might is known as the symbol of peace throughout Japan for his heroism and unique courage. At a chance meeting, he considers the main character, Izuku Midoriya, worthy to inherit his power, the almighty Quirk All For One.

When All Might’s power disappears, his shape, including his hair, begins to change. The once tall and proud hair crown he was known for, empties and falls around his face when he is emptied. Along with other physical characteristics, this hair change means All Might’s fading days as a top hero.

6 Goku Goes Super Saiyan (Dragon Ball)

One of the hallmarks of Dragon BallGoku’s is his signature power-up. When he becomes Super Saiyan, Goku’s entire body glows, and his normally unkempt hair turns gold and rises with the power of the energy flowing through his body. With each new power-up, Goku’s hair takes on different shapes and colors.

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This appearance has become synonymous with the character, as the hair change is even referred to in other anime and media. Other characters in the series also experience similar power-ups and their hairstyles also change in similar ways.

5 Makoto Edamura Does His Time (Great Pretender)

Great pretender follows the petty swindler Makoto Edamura as he tries to swindle himself to fame and fortune. But when a swindler heads south, a mysterious French man offers him an opportunity to escape. Edamura finds himself part of a larger group of scammers who take on jobs with higher stakes than he has ever dared to take.

When Edamura is finally arrested for his crimes, he is forced to shave his head when he enters prison. This dramatic shift was not only a necessity as a prisoner, but also gave the audience a tangible symbol of Edamura’s humility as he began to take responsibility for his actions.

4 Yona Saves Herself (Yona Of The Dawn)

Yona of dawn focuses on the runaway princess Yona as she escapes from her father’s assassins. With her guard, Son Hak, by her side, Yona promises to take back the kingdom with the help of four Dragon Warriors. As a former princess, she knows almost nothing about life outside the palace or her ability to survive.

But when she is almost captured by a hostile clan, Yona uses a sword to cut her hair to escape from the leaders’ grip. This haircut shows that Yona has taken the first step towards becoming her own savior instead of trusting others.

3 Izumi Miyamura shows his insecurity (Horimiya)

Horimiya is about Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura when they fall in love after discovering each other’s secret sides. Although they face some obstacles, Hori and Miyamura remain committed to each other. They love each other for who they are and show that trust is the key to any relationship.

Unfortunately, it takes time for him to completely trust Hori, as his insecurity gets in the way. This is most noticeable when Miyamura cuts her hair after hearing that Hori wants one with a more “traditional” look. Hori is understandably surprised, but the two go past it and learn to communicate more in the process.

2 Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Howl’s Moving Castle is the beautiful story of a young woman named Sophie who is cursed to have the appearance of an old woman by a selfish witch. Resigned to her new situation, Sophie sets out to find a place to belong and stumbles upon the mysterious wizard Howl and his moving castle. Although Howl seems to like Sophie, he is not as kind to everyone else. He is vain and calculating.

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Howl refuses to join the war as he does not agree with either side. Despite his best efforts, Howl is forced to participate in the fights. His usually blonde hair turns black when he turns into a raven-like creature. In the end, Howl decides to keep his dark hair, puts the vanity aside and shows the audience that he has accepted himself for who he really is.

1 Zuko Becomes Her Own Man (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar: The Last Airbender is about Avatar Aang after he wakes up 100 years into the future in a war-torn world. It is up to him to master all four main styles of bending and to bring back the balance between the nations. Prince Zuko, an exiled monarch from The Fire Nation, tries to stop Aang’s quest.

When he and his uncle Iroh become refugees, they both cut off the top knots to show that they no longer belong to Fire Nation. So, as Zuko begins to understand himself and his place in the world, his hair grows longer and more unkempt, giving him a more accessible look than the original look. Zuko’s hair is a sign of his growth and character development throughout the show.

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