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Top 10 most significant costume changes in Anime, ranked

Top 10 most significant costume changes in Anime, ranked

Character design is an important aspect of any story. The way a character dresses says a lot about them and the world they live in. It is assumed that if a character changes design by wearing a different costume or outfit, the story itself has a chance to change around them.

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The idea that costume changes can be used to keep track of important moments in anime may sound ridiculous, but there is plenty of evidence to support it. In fact, some of the most iconic moments in anime can be marked with a costume change, proving once and for all that character design should not be slept on.

10 Killua has a new “Fit Ready For Every Arc” (Hunter X Hunter)

With each new bow in Hunter x hunter, Killua Zoldyck came prepared with a new outfit. As his wardrobe developed, fans realized that Killua’s sense of style was something to note. Still, Killua’s costume changes have little or no effect on the action HxH.

While other characters go through redesign to mark a significant change in their character arc, Killua does it just for fun. Being fashionable for fun is something viewers can relate to, making Killua’s costume changes significant in the eyes of both dedicated and casual fans of hunter x hunter.

9 Lelouch shows off his wealth with each new outfit (Code Geass)

Much like Killua from Hunter x hunter, there is not just one change in Lelouch’s character design that marks a significant change in his character. Fortunately, what he lacks in meaning, he more than outweighs in quality and quantity. Through Code Geass, LeLouch goes through so many outfit changes that it’s hard to keep track of them.

These changes and attention to detail as each outfit was given by animators are markers of Lelouch’s incredible wealth. For those looking for a unique outfit to mark a significant change in Lelouch’s character, the sharp white emperor’s robes he wears in the final episode should do the trick.

Before he met his father and put an end to the political corruption in the center of Amestris, Edward Elric stopped for a second to make a new red cloak for himself. This robe would eventually go the same route as his previous one, but it should be noted that Ed found it necessary to recreate his iconic look for the finale of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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To mark the new direction in his life after sacrificing his alchemical abilities to save his brother, Ed left his iconic appearance for a more traditional look. Although the new outfit is not as flashy, it marks a significant change in Ed’s character.

7 Gojo’s gift to Yuji puts a goal on his back (Jujutsu Kaisen)

While a yellow hoodie and jeans are a safe outfit for any young high school student, the red and navy school uniform that Gojo gave to Yuji marked a significant change in the world of JJK. This new costume accomplished two things.

First, it brought Yuji under the warm embrace of Satoru Gojo. Second, it marked Ryomen Sukuna’s return to the world of jujutsu with its bright red collar and red boots. In the anime series, this design choice was seen as one of Gojo’s whims, but if fans dig deeper for an explanation, they’ll discover that Yuji’s uniform was meant to stand out among peers.

6 Ichigo’s first Shihakusho marked his introduction to the Soul Reaper Society (Bleach)

Ichigo’s entry into the Soul Reapers world took a very short time to set up. Still, the moment he took on the classic black and white Shihakusho has been recognized by anime fans as one of the most significant moments in anime history.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with Ichigo’s original outfit in gray on gray, Shihakusho is so basic Bleachuniverse that it would simply not be right for the main character to wear anything else. On top of this, the capes give a big compliment to Ichigo’s transformations later in the series.

5 Naruto pays tribute to Jiraya before his battle with pain (Naruto Shippuden)

After Jiraya’s death, the fans had very little time to mourn the death of one of them Narutotheir most iconic characters. Fortunately, when the titular protagonist arrived to avenge the death of his mentor and friend, his costume paid homage to the legendary Sannin.

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When Naruto seemed to take down Pain, his new costume marked the true evolution of his character. While the color scheme remained in line with his previous outfit, the roll was mounted on his back and the dark red robes proved to fans that Naruto learned more from Jiraya than Sage Mode.

4 Dekus’ new costume marked the expansion of his power (My Hero Academia)

The Joint Training Arc of My Hero Academia expanded the Quirk system by explaining the accumulative nature of Dekus’ inherited Quirk. Up until this point in the anime, fans were led to believe that One For All was nothing more than an overwhelming improvement feature.

When Deku added Black Whip to his repertoire of superpowers, his costume was forced to change to help him bring the new power under control. The new design marked the moment MHA when Deku really started to live up to his potential and add a nice radiance to his classic superhero look.

3 Aang embraced his past in the final (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aangs adventure all the way Avatar: The Last Airbender can be followed closely by taking a look at the costumes he wore for each bow. When the boy is first discovered at the South Pole, he can be seen in the traditional costume of a young aerial nomad, but it is not until the last battle that he fully embraces his roots as the last air bender.

After seeing Aang completely disguise his identity during his infiltration of the Fire Nation, his return to Air Nomad’s culture is a welcome surprise. Few will forget the image of Aang shaving his head to reveal his tattoos before putting on the traditional robes worn by humans as Lord Ozai tried to wipe off the face of the earth.

2 Gohan honors his Sensei with a name ball costume (Dragon Ball Super Hero)

The latest animated entry for Dragon Ball The franchise brought back a costume that was originally introduced to fans Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Super Hero is a story that revolves around Piccolo and Gohan as they work to unleash Gohan’s latent potential.

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The relationship between Gohan and Piccolo fills the void created by Goku’s lacking performance as a father figure. Every time the young half-Saiyan chooses to honor Piccolo by wearing his distinctive shoulder pads and cape, fans are right to celebrate it.

1 Naruto fulfills his promise by accepting the title Hokage (Naruto Shippuden)

The most important costume change in anime marks one of the most significant moments in the world of fiction. This moment came to fans as the culmination of hundreds of anime episodes and the hopes and dreams of a young shinobi from Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Since childhood, Naruto was reviled by the negativity of both friend and foe. Thanks to his perseverance, he got the title Hokage and a cool new character design. When shinobi first put on the traditional costume designated for Hokage, fans were filled with a sense of joy they will never forget.

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