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Top 10 most immersive anime, ranked

Top 10 most immersive anime, ranked

Those who do not use anime or manga often ask why people love it so much. People tend to reject anime because of its usual tropics, but the reason people love anime is because of the amazing stories and characters. While it is true that many anime fails to create a world that draws people in, some are exceptionally good at it.

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Animation and world building play a big role in how immersive an anime can be, but what really makes fans feel like they’re part of an anime’s world is how well the characters are written and how good the story is. There are some anime that take this to the next level and feel more real because of it.

10 One Piece has the best world building

One Piece may be long, but fans of the series have stuck to it for a reason. The characters have unique personalities and their friendship with each other feels dynamic and real. Not to mention, the world is huge with many interesting cultures and perspectives.

No two islands are exactly alike, which it does One Pieceits world feels bigger and more real. Most importantly, the friendships the straw hats have are not the least bit on the surface. Fans can tell the characters actually care about each other, which is why they are so attached to the series.

Science can be fictional in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but it’s certainly designed well enough to feel real. The idea of ​​a similar exchange makes sense, and the scientific approach to the series gives the impression that there is something that can exist in the real world. The most important thing is that the grades are well developed.

Although the heroes try their best to do well, they are certainly not perfect. Characters like Mustang and Hawkeye have a dark past that shows how morally gray a person can be. The relationship between Winry and Ed is also incredibly well done, which is why it is one of the best romances in anime.

8 Jujutsu Kaisen’s animation takes the world to the next level

One of the best parts of Jujutsu Kaisen is its animation. From the moment the series starts, it lures fans into its world with its fast and detailed art style. The story is easy to understand from the beginning, and although it is a series about demons and spirits, it certainly feels like the characters may be real.

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The characters, especially the female characters, have interesting goals and beliefs that make them feel like real people. Nobara is not just a girl, but a person who likes to shop and be a magician. The character development is one of the best in anime, and that’s why fans fell in love with this series almost immediately.

7 My Hero Academia’s All Might is also a hero in the real world

My Hero Academia feels like a generic campaign for some, but the world is much more dynamic than that. A world where heroes care about fame and fortune more than saving lives is very believable, especially with today’s celebrity culture. Even Quirks feel real because they are not just random superpowers, but genetic abilities that often match a person’s personality.

The most important thing is that the story is well written with tons of characters that fans can fall in love with. All Might in particular has become an icon. Fans of anime felt the same emotions as the characters did during All Might’s fight With All For One, which shows how important the character has become.

6 The characters of the Neon Genesis Gospel are about their age

Neon Genesis Evangelion may technically be an action anime, but it certainly has a much slower pace than other series. The focus on characters and the world around them makes everything feel more realistic. The characters may fight monsters in giant mechs, but the way the story approaches the mech battles is far more realistic than other anime of its kind.

Shinji actually behaves like a teenager who deals with terrible things, and although some fans hate him for it, it makes a lot more sense for a teenager to be unprepared for the situation he is in. The characters suffer like real people, which makes the story a lot more immersive than others.

5 Attack On Titan is not just a world full of monsters

Attack on Titan may have started as a dystopian series about soldiers fighting human-eating monsters, but by season 3 it’s more of a war story than a fantasy. The series does an excellent job of showing how moral gray war can be. None of the characters are pure good or pure evil, and even the Titans are more than just monsters.

Not only are the characters incredibly well written, but each of them must reconcile with the choices they have made. Scouts may be willing to risk their lives for others, but the fear and doubt everyone else experiences is incredibly realistic. The world building is also well done enough to make fans feel that the walls can actually exist in real life.

4 Haikyuu !!’s fans are part of the team

As a slice-of-life sports anime, it makes sense Haikyuu !! would be more grounded in reality, but just because it’s possible for a series to take place in the real world, does not mean it actually feels real. What this series does better than anyone else is create related characters that fans can rummage through.

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They do not always succeed, but when they do, it is an achievement for both the fans and the characters. Haikyuu !! does an excellent job of showing how hard the characters work to achieve their dreams, which is why fans often feel that they are part of the team as much as the characters.

3 Death Note is like a crime drama in real life

It’s hard to believe that something like the title Death Note may exist in real life, but with how this series handles that plot, it definitely feels more like reality than fantasy. Light’s character development from a good student to a monster with a god complex is gradual and does not feel forced in the slightest.

The police investigation is also incredibly well done, enough to make the series feel more like a crime drama than a fantasy. Light may be a villain, but the rest of the characters are incredibly likeable and interesting. Fans want them to succeed just as they want any real person to succeed in their endeavors.

2 Demon Slayer is more of a historical drama than a fantasy

Not many aspects of Demon butcher fall into the realm of reality. The art style is beautiful but stylistic, and it is quite difficult to buy the existence of demons in real life. Nevertheless, the world-building for this series is first-class, and it helps that it takes place in a real historical time period instead of a fantasy world.

The grades are not one-note either. Each of them is layered with interesting personalities and motivations. Tanjiro’s character is particularly well executed since he acts as a big brother to almost everyone he meets, which is very much in line with his personality and his past.

1 Fruits Basket is a series about family and trauma

Fruit basket may have some fantasy elements, but it is also an anime that is incredibly grounded in reality. The characters go to school and have jobs just like any real person would do – they just happen to have a curse on the zodiac. What really makes this series feel realistic is the characters themselves.

Each of them handles the zodiac curse in their own way. The amount of generational trauma each of the characters experiences can be related, and even Akito is sympathetic to a layered personality. It would have been easy to turn Akito into a villain, but this series is not about good and evil; it’s about relationships between people.

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