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Top 10 best CLAMP Anime, ranked

Top 10 best CLAMP Anime, ranked

There are many prolific manga artists in Japan. From Toriyama to Urasawa, they have created a number of works that have captured the imagination of fans around the world. One manga artist team that is often overlooked, however, is CLAMP. CLAMP is a team consisting of one author and three artists who have made many manga series between the 90s and 2000s.

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Many of these manga have been adapted into anime, and some of them have even been genre-defining works. CLAMP has done important work in the genres fantasy, magic girls and isekai. Some of CLAMP’s works are loved by many, while others have fallen into disguise.

10 Kobato is a charming show about capturing hearts

Kobato plays a young woman trying to go to a special place. For this to happen, she must capture broken hearts in a jar provided by a talking dog plush. The show is charming and has the award as the only anime on the Peacock streaming service.

Kobato has a charming main character and developed characters, but the drama falls flat much of the time. The audience stands in the dark about why Kobato does what she does. Still, Kobato could steal the hearts of the audience as well as the townspeople.

9 Tokyo Babylon set the tone for what was to come

The Tokyo Babylon OVA was the first of many CLAMP adaptations. It introduced the audience in Japan to CLAMP and their work. The story follows a spirit medium who has the task of stopping a curse from influencing a construction project. As one might expect, there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Tokyo Babylon is very simplified. It works both to advantage and disadvantage. As an OVA, there is not much time to work with unlike a TV series, but what is there represents the source material quite well. The grades are average, but the plot is where OVA thrives.

8 X marks both the place and a decent anime

Also known as X / 1999, this series is about a boy named Kamui who either wants to save the world or destroy it. He must align himself with either the dragons of heaven or the dragons of the earth. The former group seeks to preserve the world as it is, while the latter group seeks to destroy everything. The series has been on indefinite pause for a long time and may never end properly.

X has some decent fights, but takes himself a little too seriously. The way anime is presented is a bit confusing at first, which can turn off potential fans. Kamui is also a kind of boring, brooding main character, but that was definitely the style when the series was made.

7 Chobits are a little weird, but still good

Chobits centers around Persocoms, personal computers that take the form of female robots. Country boy Hideki finds one in the trash and turns it on. She has a bunch of weird features, like being able to just say “Chi” and not have a proper operating system. Hideki gradually develops feelings for Chi, and the series explores the implications of these feelings.

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Chobits explores the idea of ​​love and whether a person can come to love a machine. The implications can vary from sweet to problematic, depending on where a train of thought can go. Chobits also has some fan service due to the fact that Chi is naked most of the time and it can turn off some fans.

6 Tsubasa is the ultimate CLAMP crossover

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle stars Syaoran and his attempt to cross the multiverse to save Princess Sakura. These names should be familiar to CLAMP fans, as these characters are counterparts to a certain other CLAMP series. This series combines several CLAMP anime, since they share the same multiverse.

The series is a treat for CLAMP fans. It contains characters from many CLAMP properties, though the story can get a little convoluted at times. A lot is thrown at the fans at once, and the show expects them to treat everything.

5 CLAMP school detectives make the grade

CLAMP school detectives has three school board members who solve cases and protect people like CLAMP School Detectives. The CLAMP school is a very elite school for talented students who can excel in practically all fields. It ranges from kindergarten to further education.

The series seems a bit cliché at first, but is quite charming. The main character is a gentleman who hates seeing women in trouble. His two partners help him balance him a bit and create a good dynamic. The series is only 26 episodes, but has a lot of heart all the way.

4 Angelic Layer Packs A Punch

Angel team follows Misaki, a young girl who had just arrived in Tokyo to live with her aunt. She comes across the puppet robots known as Angelic Layer and is immediately hooked. She goes out to buy everything needed to participate in the tournament. The series is known to be a shonen series with a female protagonist.

Angel team is full of great things. Misaki is a great protagonist who strives to excel despite his small growth, and the battles between the dolls are great thrills. The drama outside of the fights is actually the main focus, which is not so shabby either.

3 xxxHolic is scary good

xxxHolic is about Watanuki, a middle school student who can see spirits, even if he wishes he could not since they always try to devour him. One day he ends up in a mysterious shop owned by a woman named Yuko. She promises to remove Watanuki’s ability if he works for her for some time.

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xxxHolic has great supervision and explores the concept of destiny. Many of the characters’ fates are predetermined by their own actions. This gives some interesting discussions about how much about a person is predetermined.

2 Magic Knight Rayearth has a lot to love

The Magic Knight Rayearth follows three girls: Hikaru, Umi and Fuu. While on an excursion to Tokyo Tower, they are magically transported to the world of Cephiro. The three girls must become the magic knights and save the princess from the evil high priest.

Rayearth has some of the best main characters from all CLAMP series. The dynamics between the three girls are charming, and the series also borrows a lot from role-playing games, which has become a practice many icebergs use 20 years later. Rayearth was released. The series combines fantasy, magical girl and mecha conventions to create an exciting and entertaining frolic.

1 Cardcaptor Sakura is a cute magic girl show

Shortcut Sakura is about Sakura Kinomoto, a girl in fourth grade who accidentally unleashes the Magic Clow cards. Together with her friends, she must recapture the cards with her newfound magical powers. The series had a short dub run that Shortcuts at Kids WB.

Shortcut Sakura is one of the most definitive CLAMP works, and it’s probably one of the best magic girl shows there is. Sakura is known for young girls and has a good sense of fashion, although it is usually Tomoyo who dresses her up. Overall, the show is pretty sweet, and the action is definitely entertaining.

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