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Top 10 Anime Studios and their best anime

Top 10 Anime Studios and their best anime

Anime has found a place in many people’s watch lists around the world. It exceeds viewers’ expectations for visual storytelling, and breaks free from stereotypical styles used by old directors. The current generation of anime owes a lot to the ingenious ventures of the studios and directors who adapt manga to anime.

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Succeeding in portraying the excitement, fun and emotions of beloved stories and letting the fans experience their mastery is no easy feat. Some anime production studios have gained their impeccable reputation in recent years since their work is proof of their willingness to present the best story, character development, visuals and music.

10 White Fox’s Steins; Gate deals with a self-proclaimed mad scientist

White Fox is the studio that has produced massive hits like The Timeless Re: Null and the recent fan favorite isekai The Devil is a part-time employee. White Fox is known for its unique concepts that provide an exciting experience to fans of all genres.

Steins; Gate follows Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist who finds that he can send messages over time. Okabe and his motley crew explore this ability. With patient character development and animation that harmlessly captures the essence of the story, Steins; Gate is one of the best time travel anime.

9 Studio MAPPA’s Attack On Titan portrays the true anti-hero

Studio MAPPA has produced the biggest hits from the current generation of anime, such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Banana fish, in the last few years. Of these excellent anime, Attack on Titan takes the cake.

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Attack on Titan follows Eren Jaeger, a resident of the Shiganshina district of Wall Maria, on a journey of truth and revenge. Along with gripping storytelling, Attack on Titan presents some of the best animation the genre has to offer. Each subsequent opening theme from “Shinzo wo Sasageyo” has found its place in the fans’ playlists.

8 Ufotables Demon Slayer offers seemingly budget-free animation

Ufotable has perfected the action sequences that are crucial to some of the more adventure-based anime. This production house has delivered one masterpiece after another. However, it has not yet surpassed the animation genius Demon butcher.

The quality of the animation has convinced fans around the world that the animators at Ufotable ignore the budget and come up with some of the most impressive and immersive sequences. Demon butcher is known for its precise animation, attention to detail and free use of bright colors and sound.

7 Wit Studios Vinland Saga delivers quality animation

Wit Studio made a name for itself after doing Isayama’s manga justice in the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. However, Wit Studio has much more to offer when it comes to unique and quality animation. Along with hits such as Great pretender and Ranking of KingsWit Studio has produced one of the most hyped shonen anime: Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga follows Thorfinn, who grows into a man worthy of praise when he seeks revenge for his family. The unique graphics and polished animation contribute to the progression of the story.

6 Studio Pierrots Naruto is a Shonen giant worthy of its name

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden as a whole is an anime giant enjoying new viewers even today, 20 years after the first episode premiered. Studio Pierrot also produced anime as Tokyo Ghoul and kingdom. But, Naruto is the most beloved anime this studio has ever produced.

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The animation style, the character arcs and the depth narrative make it possible for the viewers to connect to the plot and the characters on an emotional and personal level. Songs like “Blue Bird” and “Silhouette” have gained immense popularity due to their relevance to the series.

5 Toei Animations One Piece is one of the longest Big Three animations

Toei Animation has produced some of the most popular anime hits, such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Digimon, and more. Toei Animation’s unique and personal animation style gives fans comfort and holds them back for more tours.

Of Toei Animation’s huge projects, One Piece sitting on top. Ongoing 1042 episodes to date, One Pieceis one of the big three. Its unique character design and fascinating storytelling has kept fans following the series for decades. The depiction of the Devil Fruit abilities is very commendable.

4 Science SARU’s The Tatami Galaxy explores boundless creativity

Science SARU is the home of the visionary director Masaaki Yuasa, whose vision has created fantastic anime that Devilman Crybaby and Scott Pilgrim. Both series show with their eccentric animation style, color and movement that changes from one scene to another.

The Tatami Galaxy is a surreal, thought-provoking anime that pushes the boundaries of art. This anime follows the misfortunes of a college student and explores the worldly desires of a college student in search of friendship and love. A distinct animation style contributes to the series’ edginess.

Production IG is behind massive sports anime-like Kuroko’s Basketball and Run with the windand many slice-of-life anime likes Usagi Drop and From me to you. This studio is known for evoking intense emotions and character development, and has produced both niche hits and mainstream.

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Of their many projects, Haikyuu is the most popular anime. A sports anime centered on volleyball in high school, Haikyuu completely absorbs the viewers into their world and takes them on a journey through highs and lows in competition and friendship.

2 Studio Shafts Monogatari has an exceptional sense of momentum

Studio Shaft is the flag bearer of unique animation and storytelling that is almost impossible to recreate from any other production house. With niche hits like Mars comes in like a lion and Arakawa under the bridgethis production house maintains an innate connection and primary animation style that sets their work apart from others.

Monogatari is the most popular project Studio Shaft has undertaken. The abrupt but steady shifts from one background setting to another, combined with the characters’ expressive body language, make this anime one of Studio Shaft’s best works.

1 Sunrise Studios Code Geass demonstrates the creators’ ability to act

Sunrise Studio is the origin of war-centered anime with action sequences that have the potential to compete with Quentin Tarantino’s films. This studio has created some hardhitters in the industry Daily life for boys in high school, Inuyashaand Cowboy Bebop, among others.

Of this impressive and long list of anime, Code Geass is the forerunner. This anime film is a story about revenge, war and politics, and follows Lelouch Lamperouge on a mission to establish world peace by making himself the object of world hatred. Code Geass is a mecha-anime worth the salt.

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