Toilet Bound Hanako-kun confirms anime reboot with special teaser

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun confirms anime reboot with special teaser

After a mysterious countdown ended, it has been officially announced that the popular Toilet Bound Hanako-kun series is getting an anime reboot.

Mysterious countdowns and surprise announcements are all too common in the anime industry, and over the past few weeks, the iconic Toilet Bound Hanako-kun series has been teasing fans online.

Fortunately, just a few hours ago, a mysterious countdown on the series’ anime website reached zero, and the franchise confirmed that a TV reboot is in the works.

Here’s everything fans need to know about Toilet Bound Hanako-kun and the recently announced anime reboot/reboot.

Toilet Bound Hanako-kun announces anime reboot

It was December 22 confirmed that the iconic Toilet Bound Hanako-kun series will receive an anime reboot/reboot.

A brand new teaser trailer was released alongside the announcement, featuring various narrations from various characters from the series, before Hanako-kun herself simply said, “I’m back!”

But fans should note that no information about the format, release window, voice cast or production staff was shared; indicating that the reboot is only in extremely early stages of production.

MyAnimeList describes the series as:

“Rumors of the supernatural overtook Kamome Academy, namely the ‘Seven Mysteries.’ any wish the summoner desires First-year high school student Nene Yashiro boldly summons Hanako-san in desperate need of love, but the Hanako who appears before her is a boy!

After Hanako-kun claims that he has no magical consumables, Nene tries different ways to get noticed by her crush. When her desperation reaches its peak, she runs into trouble after eating a mermaid scale, which turns her into a fish. Hanako-kun rescues her, tying their fates together in the process; in return for this help, Nene must become his assistant. Now entangled in the supernatural realm, Nene soon discovers that there is much more to the school’s seven mysteries than basic rumours.” – Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, via MyAnimeList.

Where you can read the original manga

The Toilet Bound Hanako-kun manga began serialization in Square Enix’s Monthly GFantasy magazine in 2014 and continues to release new chapters.

A total of 18 completed Tankobon volumes of the manga series have been published domestically in Japan, with 16 of these volumes already available to read in English – volume 17 is available digitally, and will release physical copies in February 2023.

Digital copies of the Toilet Bound Hanako-kun manga are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Walker, Apple iBooks, and Kobo.

Alternatively, physical copies can also be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Indigo and RightStuf.

Mangaka Aidalro also shared a special festive illustration for the announcement, see below.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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