The strongest characters in Anime, ranked

The strongest characters in Anime, ranked

Mob psycho is one of the most consistent anime series. Each season of the anime has the perfect blend of story and action, making it easy to sit through the episodes. Although the story may be based on an ordinary high school student, the series is home to some of the strongest known anime characters.

Most of these characters are espers, who are blessed with incredible powers. Each esper has a different ability that makes them useful in different situations. However, there are certain characters whose abilities are on a completely different level than the rest. If their power goes unchecked, these characters can easily destroy entire cities. With the third season of the anime already out, the list takes a look at the strongest characters that have appeared in the story so far.


8/8 Sho Suzuki

Sho Suzuki in anime

Sho Suzuki is the son of Toichiro. Sho was against his father’s goal of taking over the world, so he led a resistance against him. Talented in his own right, he considers himself to be on the same level as the Ultimate 5.

However, after seeing him in action, it became clear that Sho still had a long way to go before he could even put himself on the same pedestal. Sho Suzuki is quite talented and he has various abilities that make him a handful to deal with. Like his father, Sho can store energy and unleash a fierce attack. He can also use his psychic powers to become invisible.

7/8 Teruki Hanazawa

Hanazawa Teruki – Mob Psycho 100 III

Teruki Hanazawa is one of Mob’s closest aides, but things were not always good between them. Originally, Teruki was a spoiled boy who used his powers for selfish reasons. But after being humiliated by the Mob, the whole perspective changed.

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Teruki is a talented esper, and one of the few who can use two techniques at the same time. He can use pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and ethereal cloning techniques. Since he is still young, Teruki has a lot of room to improve.

6/8 Dimple (combined with divine wood)

Godly Dimple – Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 5

Dimple was a high-ranking spirit capable of taking over other people’s bodies. This ability came in handy as it allowed him to start various cults. After fusing with the Divine Tree, Dimple’s power increased to astonishing levels.

He was able to hypnotize all the inhabitants of the city, which was a great proof of his power. The power from the divine tree also enhanced Dimple’s physical attacks. He was able to fight Mob for a short period of time, although the latter’s energy was continuously drained by the Divine Tree.

5/8 Ryo Shimazaki

Ryo Shimazaki activates his powers

Ryo Shimazaki was one of the Ultimate 5, a group of Suzuki’s most trusted fighters. Despite not having the ability to see, Shimazaki was still an extremely powerful fighter. To make up for his lack of sight, Shimazaki developed extrasensory perception abilities.

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Shimazaki has another ability known as “Mind’s Eye”, which requires the utmost focus to function. After the ability was activated, Shimazaki is able to discern the vital spots of his opponents, allowing him to easily take them out. However, his greatest strength is his teleportation ability, which makes it difficult for his enemies to defend against his attacks.

4/8 Katsuya Serizawa

Katsuya Serizawa

Katsuya Serizawa became a recluse because he feared his own psychic powers. Serizawa avoided human interaction until Suzuki sought him out and asked him to join the Ultimate 5. While Ryo Shimazaki claimed to be the strongest of the Ultimate 5, Suzuki stated that it was Serizawa.

Serizawa uses powerful psychokinesis to fight his enemies. He was able to hold his own against the Mob, but only for a short while. Serizawa has the potential to become even stronger; but his laid-back lifestyle prevents him from realizing his potential.

3/8 Keiji Mogami

Keiji Mogami in his human form

Keiji Mogami was an evil spirit, who used to be an esper. During his time as an esper, Mogami was considered to be “the greatest esper of the 20th century.” With his power, Keiji was able to drive out all kinds of spirits. After his death, Keiji became a spirit and gained other abilities, making him a serious threat even to Mob.

Keiji was able to trap his opponents inside a mental world, where everything was under his control. With this ability, Keiji was able to stop Mob for a long period of time. To make matters worse, he could use evil spirits that he had absorbed to torture his opponents. While Keiji has stated that he is stronger than Mob, he was beaten by the latter by 100%.

2/8 Toichiro Suzuki

Toichiro Suzuki uses his powers

Toichiro Suzuki is the leader of Claw, an organization that wanted to dominate the entire world. As head of the Claw, Suzuki was more powerful than any other Esper in the Syndicate.

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Suzuki was able to store a huge amount of energy and he gradually released it while fighting against a strong opponent. As an experienced fighter, Suzuki can also use many different abilities. Suzuki’s biggest weakness was the ungodly amount of power he had stored. After letting go, Suzuki was unable to control it, allowing Mob to take advantage.

1/8 Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama


Considering his accomplishments, it’s no surprise to see Kageyama at the top of the list. He looks like an average high school student, but in reality he is the strongest Esper in the series. Unlike most espers, Mob has access to several psychic abilities.

He can use telekinesis, transfer energy, detect other espers within a certain area, and more. In addition to these abilities, Mob has certain other abilities that he can only access when he is at 100%. One of these skills includes energy absorption. By using this skill, Mob can absorb the energy of another person and become even more powerful.

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