The Simpsons’ Death Note Parody was animated by Anime’s Actual Studio

The Simpsons’ Death Note Parody was animated by Anime’s Actual Studio

The following contains spoilers for the “Death Tome” of The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII,” which aired on Fox.

One of The Simpsons‘ writers revealed some behind-the-scenes facts about collaborating with one of the animation studios that worked on the supernatural mystery anime Death note.

Carolyn Omine, the Emmy Award-winning writer for simpsons, described the process of turning the Simpsons into anime characters in the episode “Treehouse of Horror”, which included a Death note parody called Death Tome. As reported by Otaku USA Magazine, Omine live-tweeted his experience working with DR Movie, being part of the animation team for the original anime. Her tweets included how the parody mixed the two different works while still keeping the classic The Simpsons look in the story of Death note.

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Although Omine was not part of the team that wrote the sequence, she was the one who originally pitched the idea due to her son and niece suggesting the episode parody Death note after she told them she wanted to “do something that reflected my heritage.” Ryan Koh, who has previously written several episodes of simpsons, was responsible for the draft. To prepare for the October 2021 table reading, Omine worked with director Dane Romley to come up with an anime version of Lisa Simpson. Omine said she “sketched over a screen-grab” of lights in his classroom, where he would now don Lisa’s iconic lampshade dress and pearls that Romley later donned.

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Omine revealed that they had initially considered letting their existing animators direct the anime parody and even completed an animated film, but Richard Raynis, one of the show’s executive producers, wanted to make sure they “did this right” which led to the team approaching himself to DR Movie. She acknowledged that the studio had a tight time frame to work within when the two teams began working together in March 2022 and The Simpsons team wanted to play a 90-second clip at ComicCon. Highly complimentary of DR Movie’s efforts, Omine called the designs and cuts “excitingly beautiful.”

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When coming up with the concept art for an anime version of Homer Simpson, Omine sent references to the DR Movie team, requesting that the main character be “cute and likable.” Director Eom added an “M” to Homer’s sideburns and a drunken blush. The writer pointed to some key scenes in the parody, such as the iconic writing sequence where Lisa writes the names of the board responsible for Globo-Warm into the Death Tome, in an exaggerated manner, complete with ominous choral music composed by Bleeding Fingers Music. She tweeted: “I’m in awe of this sequence.” The author continued to sing the praises of the team at DR Movie, posting a screenshot of the final scene where Lisa, now a Shinigami, joins Bart, otherwise known as El Barto or the enigmatic L in Death note. Omine gushed, “This might be the most beautiful shot in @TheSimpsons history. Thank you DR Movie, Director Eom, Mr. Jeong, Subin Jeong, Ken Duer, @MikeUndersaw and Richard Raynis #THOHXXXIII.”

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Lisa uses the book of the dead to stop global warming

As part of the annual “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episodes, one of the parodies The Simpsons sitcom did was off death note, where Lisa Simpson, disgusted with how big corporations were responsible for causing global warming, finds the death book. The notebook gives her the power to kill anyone whose name she writes in the book. The catch is that she can’t kill two people the same way, which leads to some pretty creative deaths.

The episode “Treehouse of Horror” aired on Fox on October 30.

Source: Twitter, Otaku USA Magazine

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