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The Prince of Tennis reveals episode count for Big Anime Return

The Prince of Tennis reveals episode count for Big Anime Return

The prince of tennis has finally returned to TV screens around the world for his first new anime in ten long years, and Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup has revealed how many episodes it will stick to with its big anime return this summer! The summer 2022 anime program has started in full as fans have seen several great new anime offerings premiere this first week of the month, but they are far from everything we will see next month. But one of those huge premieres was for The Prince of Tennis IIwhich is finally being picked up for a new bow.

This new arc sees Ryoma Echizen and his team meet a bunch of other talented teams from around the world in a huge new tournament, and the official Blu-ray and DVD entries for the new series in Japan have revealed that Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup will run for 13 episodes in total. It’s too early to say if there will be some sort of continuation after this single cour race for the summer, but it also means that each episode is so much more crucial to watch when it falls!

If you would like to see it aired this summer, The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup is now streaming with Crunchyroll. They tease the new series as such, “When tennis phenomenon Ryoma Echizen is kicked out of Japan’s elite U-17 training camp for breaking the rules, he is in despair. But a stroke of luck strikes when he can try for the American team. To prove himself against “His hard-boiled veterans are not going to be easy, and if he is accepted, he will have to play against his former friends. Can he help his new brothers break the road to victory?”

Directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi for Studio Kai and MSC, Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup has a recurring cast of Junko Minagawa as Ryoma Echizen, Ryotaro Okiayu as Kunimitsu Tezuka, Hiroki Yasumoto as Hoo Byodoin, Junichi Suwabe as Keigo Atobe, Sachiko Nagai as Seiichi Yukimura, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kuranosuke Tiraary Mite, Kite. as Ryoga Echizen. Returning employees also include Mitsutaka Hirota as a screenwriter and Akiharu Ishiii as a character designer.

Have you started The Prince of Tennis’ new season? What do you think of this number of episodes for the return? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about everything that is animated and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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