‘The Obstacle: Seven’ – Boruto Anime Episode 279 Review

‘The Obstacle: Seven’ – Boruto Anime Episode 279 Review

The Obstacle Seven Boruto anime episode 279 review
Boruto gets ready to fight Rokuro and protect Shamo in “The Obstacle: Seven” (Screengrab: Boruto Anime Episode 279)

Boruto anime episode 279, ‘The Obstacle: Seven’, put Boruto and the rest of the prisoners through a new experiment. And of course that led to even more deaths.

‘The Obstacle: Seven’ picked up from where the previous episode left off. We got Batta’s explanation as to why she thought Kiseru was working for Ouga. I liked her reasoning, which involved picking up on a lie Kiseru told when he talked about the hot springs he used to visit with his grandfather. According to Batta, she grew up near that area, and there wasn’t a single hot spring there that would provide a great view of the sunset.

I also liked how Boruto wasn’t quick to agree with Batta even after she presented him with her evidence, including the communication device she took from Kiseru. As a character, Boruto is keen to give other people a chance to explain themselves. So I can’t wait to see our main hero confront Kiseru and give him the opportunity to tell what he’s up to.

I don’t think that Kiseru is an enemy. He may well be an Outer Kara member. But there is a chance that he switched sides and had been working as a double agent against Kara. Being an outside member also did not automatically mean that Kiseru would be in cahoots with Ouga. At this point, I’m seriously looking at Yatsume. There’s just something about her that doesn’t feel right to me. What the hell was up with her getting teary eyed watching Boruto fight Rokuro?

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Speaking of the last experiment, called ‘Sum’, it involved Ouga teleporting the prisoners to a barren rocky land. Each person was provided with a card with a specific number on it, from 1-8. The goal was to make sure you had cards that totaled up to at least 7 to gain access through a single port before the 2-hour timer ran out. Ouga wanted the prisoners to kill each other to steal the cards and ensure their own survival.

‘The Hinder: Seven’ also made Batta realize that Fugou had lied about having enough money to pay her to be his bodyguard. After Batta opened his briefcase, he told how his company had gone bankrupt and that a sinister group was blackmailing him by taking his wife and kid hostage. Fugou would try to save his family by using the contents of a small container he carried.

I knew something was going to happen to Fugou when the episode gave him quite a bit of screen time. And sure enough, an unknown person killed him. However, what surprised me was that Batta was also killed. I actually liked Batta as a character, which is why I hope she didn’t actually die. Some of the gas held in Fugous’ container came out. So maybe, just maybe, Batta was knocked unconscious by the gas and didn’t succumb to the wound from his unknown assailant? Hmmm.

The episode led viewers to believe that it was Rokuro who had killed Batta and Fugou because he was in possession of their cards. However, after he lost his battle against Boruto, he told the truth about finding them already dead and stealing their cards. Again, I feel like Yatsume did.

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Rokuro’s decision to just want to kill everyone to force the experiments to end made sense for his character. However, I highly doubt Ouga is the type of person to just let the lone survivor go without putting them through the latest experiment he created.

As for the fight, it had some cool moments when Boruto tried to defeat Rokuro without killing him. The way Rokuro took control of Namua’s body and made him attack Boruto made for some nice scenes. Poor Namua is not doing so well mentally. It is clear that he is willing to sacrifice himself not only to protect others, but also because he is tired of carrying the weight of all the guilt from his villainous past on his shoulders. He is wounded alive for now. But I don’t think it will last very long.

There is only one more experiment (as far as we know) and I look forward to seeing how it will play out after Borutos talks to Kiseru about his true motivation.

Coming to what Salad and the rest of Team 7 were doing during the current episode, on their way to regroup with Mitsuki, Salad and Kawaki found him trapped in a pile of harnesses. It turns out there is a group out there capable of taking on an unsuspecting Mitsuki. I liked how Kawaki didn’t have time to wait for backup (Salat had submitted a request to the Hokage office) and proceeded to handle the situation in his own way. His method involved setting himself on fire (wouldn’t be the first time).

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Team 7 is all in to pursue the group that attacked Mitsuki and get them to answer their questions about Boruto’s whereabouts, backup or not. So I expect a lot of action in the upcoming episode.

What did you think of “The Hinder: Seven”? Do you think Kiseru is working with Ouga?

Let us know.

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