The most dangerous curses in Anime

The most dangerous curses in Anime

A good deal Anime series have used curses as an integral part of their narratives, as the torment and angst surrounding the curses is bound to keep the audience enthralled until the end. Anime characters are no strangers to the use of curses. Some have actively inflicted curses on others, while others end up as victims by being cursed themselves.

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Anime shows have also been quite creative and versatile with their depictions of curses, as seen in shows like Dororo and Another. As a result, characters sometimes end up receiving a boost in their power as opposed to the curse that condemns them to lifelong suffering. Although there are many shows that deal with the use of curses and their consequences, some anime curses are much more dangerous than others.


5/5 Made In Abyss: The Curse Of Ascension

Made in the abyss is a mystical adventure show that follows a girl named Riko on a quest to find her mother, who disappeared long ago into the depths of the titular abyss. Viewers are initially led to believe that venturing into the abyss is the most difficult thing Riko will face, but it is soon revealed that the real challenge is climbing back up. The deeper you go into the abyss, the harder it is to get back up.

Each layer of the Abyss has its own distinctive effects that activate as soon as an explorer attempts to ascend from it. The effects of the curse are particularly highlighted by the dehumanized state of Mitty. Mitty was once a little girl, but has since been transformed into a white shapeless monster due to the strain of ascending from the sixth layer of the abyss.

4/5 Another: The Curse of Class 3-3

Class 3-3 may seem like just another class at Yomiyama North Middle School. In reality, however, the students, faculty, and family members of everyone associated with this class end up falling victim to an ancient mysterious curse. The curse dates back to 1972 when a boy named Misaki ended up dying in a house fire. Unable to accept the boy’s death, his peers and teachers continued to pretend he was alive and part of the class until graduation. However, the graduation photo that year showed a vibrant Misaki among the other students in the class.

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Since then, at the beginning of each year, class 3-3 somehow ends up getting an extra student with one deck of cards. This extra person is a dead student or faculty member who has mysteriously been resurrected. The identity of the extra student remains unknown to even the extras, and they continue to pass the school year as a normal person. However, due to the unnatural presence of this extra person, at least one student in Class 3-3 or their family member ends up dying every month.

3/5 Berserk: The Brand Of Sacrifice

Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is a disturbing and nightmarish fantasy show that repeatedly puts the main character Guts in danger. After surviving a traumatic childhood, Guts finally sees some peace after he aligns himself with Griffith, the leader of the Hawks’ band. However, the friendship is rather short-lived, as Griffith, in his quest for power, ends up cursing Guts and his entire band, marking and offering them as sacrifices for the demons to devour.

Fans then witness the horror of this curse as, one by one, the band members meet their brutal targets as the demons continue to torture and devour them. Guts and Casca are the only members who managed to survive the night of the attack, but their mark continued to draw demons towards them for the rest of their journey.

2/5 Dororo: Hiyakkimaru’s Cursed Body

Another show that revels in the misery of its main character is Dororo. Dororo centers around the misadventures of Hiyakkimaru, a lone samurai warrior, in his search for his 12 missing body parts that were stolen from him at birth. Despite having no nose, eyes, ears, arms or even legs, he continues on his quest using prosthetics made by the caretaker Jukai.

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In truth, however, Hiyakkimaru was cursed by his own father who made a pact with demons and offered the body parts of his own son in exchange for the power to rule the world. After learning this, Hiyyakimaru is set on hunting down the demons possessing his body parts and getting revenge on his father.

1/5 Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Rika-Chan’s Curse

In the brutal but honest words of Satoru Gojo, “There is no curse more twisted than love.” Rika was a childhood friend of Yuta Okkotsu, a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Rikka and Yuta cared deeply for each other and promised to marry each other and stay together when they grew older. However, a serious accident occurred when Rika was hit by an oncoming car while crossing a footpath. Before she could move on, Rika ended up being cursed by Yuta, who could not accept Rika’s fate despite witnessing the accident firsthand.

Rika then transformed into a white deformed monstrous spirit that continued to haunt Yuta for years, attacking anyone who dared to harm Yuta. Her immense love for Yuta made Rica unstoppable and earned her the title Queen of Curses. Yuta was finally able to lift Rica’s curse after he joined Tokyo Jujutsu High.

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