The Eminence in Shadow is getting PC and mobile RPG

The Eminence in Shadow is getting PC and mobile RPG

Crunchyroll Games has announced the launch of a mobile and PC anime RPG game The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden, based on the ongoing TV anime. Pre-registration is already open, and the game will be available worldwide (excluding East Asia, Belgium, and the Netherlands) on iOS, Android from November 29, and Windows at a later date. You can register for the game via Google Play, the Apple Store or the website. Watch the trailer for the game:

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden – Game Trailer

Promo images for the game featuring Cid, Claire and Alexia:

Crunchyroll describes the game:
The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden is a fantasy action RPG that transports players into a new world to build their team, fight against ungodly cults and become the true mastermind of the shadows. The game features key characters from the novel and manga, including Shadow, Alexia, Alpha, Beta and the rest of the main cast from the series.

The mobile role-playing game’s features include high-quality graphics and scenes straight from the anime. The game also delivers dynamic action with fully animated skills and team-based combos, multiple PvP modes and co-op raid events.

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden immerses players in the world to battle their enemies with exciting features and capabilities. Players can:

  • Assemble a team from a roster of characters taken directly from the source material to take on the Cult of Diabolos and anyone standing in the way of Cid’s ambition for Eminence in Shadow.
  • Determine the ideal team composition from the different roles, Tank, Attacker and Supporter to create the perfect balance for every challenge you face.
  • Build the SP meter and unleash Hidden Techniques to defeat enemies and earn important items to improve your team’s effectiveness.
  • Unleash powerful team combos to turn the tables on any challenging matchup. Be sure to determine your team’s order of abilities to draw out the results needed at the time – the effectiveness of each ability is enhanced the later in the combo it occurs!
  • Enhance team members with items and equipment obtained from battles with enemies taken straight from the source material and new challenges unique to the game.
  • Interact with team members to learn more about them, their interests and inner thoughts to bring out their full potential in battle and more.

Crunchyroll Games will have a demo of the game at their booth at Anime NYC on the 18th-20th. November, where fans will get a chance to be among the first to play it.

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