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The best Isekai Anime to see if you like Overlord

The best Isekai Anime to see if you like Overlord

All good things come to an end, but that does not mean that players will always see them go. Like the popular MMO Yggdrisil draws its conclusion, the guild leader and wizard Momonga decides to remain in the game until the last server is shut down. Still, when the game ends, Momonga finds himself trapped in the body of his character in a world that should no longer exist.

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Overlord has a unique view of the isekai genre. There has been a lot of icebreaking about characters caught in video games, however Overlord differs from others by having the main character to be a direct villain and powerful from the beginning of the story instead of starting as a weak and then growing in strength. Fans of the series may have a hard time finding another iceberg to scratch the same itch, so here are some of the best anime that Overlord for fans to try.

8 Did I not say to make my abilities average in the next life ?!

Som Momonga i Overlord, Misato Kurihara inn Did I not say to make my abilities average in the next life ?! is no novice who needs handheld devices on every mission. In the real world, Misato is a genius, one of the best at everything she does, but her genius isolates her from others, so when she has the opportunity to reincarnate in a fantasy world, her only request is to have the same level of talent as everyone else.

Unfortunately for Misato, the magical powers she is given are the average of the entire planet’s population, making her even stronger and more exceptional than she was on Earth. Did I not say to make my abilities average in the next life ?! is a really underrated isekai. It is self-aware, funny and serious at the same time, with many references to other anime to keep the fans engaged.

7 Cautious hero: The hero is overwhelmed, but far too cautious

Momonga is one of the most overwhelming protagonists in isekai, and it’s pretty good. Having a too strong hero can easily derail the entire series, as battles that would otherwise be uncertain and dramatic, are instead predetermined and meaningless. Cautious hero: The hero is overwhelmed, but far too cautious takes this dilemma and spins it into comic gold.

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Seiya does not think he is ready for the upcoming fights. It does not matter that he has trained more than he could need. It does not matter that he has a whole store worth of healing drinks. It’s a pony joke with one trick, but the execution of one trick is so consistently good that it does not matter that there is no more variation. Cautious hero: The hero is overwhelmed, but far too cautious is in many ways Overlords easy-going double.

6 Log the horizon

With countless anime about people trapped inside video games, it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad or the genius from the ordinary. Log the horizon makes only one real change, but that change is crucial to differentiate the series from others and is enough to make the series a game anime that everyone should see.

Easily said, Log the horizon cares about the rules of the game where the characters are captured. In most isekai anime with characters captured in a game, real game concepts such as metagaming, pulling aggro and optimal team composition are forgotten. But the grades to Log the horizon know that they are in a game and know how to take advantage of it, using the same skills that served them as well as players to stay alive.

5 Problem Children come from another world, right?

The grades in Problem Children come from another world, right? use powerful psychic abilities that allow them to change the world around them with little or no effort. However, these forces are wasted in their own world, since they have very little reason to use their wonderful gifts.

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An invitation to the world of Little Gardens changes that. Little Garden is the home of Gift Games, where participants can use their powers to win wealth and fame. At first, the main characters are happy to use their supernatural gifts, but when the talk of a Demon Lord begins, things take on a different tone. Problem Children come from another world, right? is stylish and smartly written with protagonists worth investing in.

4 Grimgar: Ash and illusions

Part of the appeal to Overlord watching a protagonist operate at the height of his powers. Momonga is a powerful wizard, not to mention the leader of a powerful guild that is capable of accomplishing just about anything given enough time and ruthlessness. The main characters in Grimgar: Ash and illusions is about as far away from that scenario as possible.

These characters are not invincible warriors or world-shaping magicians. They are ordinary people who have no choice but to enlist as soldiers to survive. Seeing characters at one of the extreme ends of the power spectrum is always interesting, and Grimgar: Ash and illusions make good use of this premise, even if the series is a little too short, and keep the focus on the characters and their adaptation to the world.

3 My next life as a villain: All routes lead to doom!

For most people, having the opportunity to live in their favorite video game will be the chance of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Katarina, it would normally be a blessing to be a curse when she is reincarnated as the villain of the game instead of as the hero.

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My next life as a villain: All routes lead to doom! asks a simple question: how do you deal with being the bad guy in a story where the good guy is destined to win? To have any chance of victory or happiness, Katarina knows that she has to stretch her imagination and talents to the limit, and that is exactly what she does. There’s a lot to lose because Katarina is all too aware that the villain is meant to die at the end of this game.

2 Sword art online

Brave, rash, kind-hearted and honest, Kirito is the hero that Momonga will never be, even though he sometimes makes as bad decisions as Luffy. Sword Art Online’s extensive narratives cover more territory than that of Overlord, but whether the characters are in the real world or one of the series’ MMOs, Kirito’s skills and kindness shine through.

IN Sword art online, 10,000 players join an exciting new MMO just to get caught up in the game. Even worse, dying in the game causes them to die in real life,force them to adapt to a fantasy world as opposed to their own or suffer the consequences. Kirito promises to save everyone by conquering Aincrad Castle on 100 floors, and delivering a lot of action, drama and heartache to the viewers in what is still one of the best ice piers in existence.

1 .hack // Sign

Tsukasa wakes up in a dungeon in World, a popular MMO, trapped in the game and without short-term memory to explain his situation. Unlike many isekai, who do not use the fantasy game as anything more than an excuse to show off some flashy sword fights, .hack // Sign is a mystery that unfolds gradually.

The series allows viewers to dive deep into the story and characters of the characters, using battles where they will be most effective instead of as a crutch to support a withered plot. .hack // Sign is still one of the most iconic and influential anime in existence, thanks to its memorable characters and world-class storytelling, and should not be missed by any isekai fans.

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