The best Isekai anime of 2022

The best Isekai anime of 2022

2022 was an amazing year for isekai adventures, and these top anime titles truly took viewers on a journey to another world.

2022 was an unprecedented and busy year for the anime industry, and fans of all genres were positively spoiled with endless titles to enjoy across all four seasons. Action fans welcomed the return of both My Hero Academia and Bleachwhile romance fans were turned off My boyfriend and Kaguya-samaits third season. Likewise, the isekai subgenre offered a few great titles.

Now, many anime fans experience isekai burnout, or they were never interested in isekai to begin with. Granted, 2022 had some isekai duds that Shield heroits second season and the hopelessly bland one My Isekai Life, but anime fans eager to visit a new world were treated to some high-quality titles that proved that isekai still has more to offer. These four isekai anime from 2022 give the subgenre a good name and really took viewers to another world.

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Uncle from another world turned Isekai’s head

Takafumi in Uncle from another world

Uncle from another world surprised and delighted isekai fans with his unusual but compelling take on this subgenre. For once, it’s not a self-absorbed teenager who ended up in isekai land, but rather his 34-year-old uncle, Yosuke Shibazaki, who was transported to a fantasy world 17 years ago, around the year 2000 or so. Now Uncle Yosuke has returned to his normal life in Japan, but he can’t forget the extraterrestrial adventure so easily, and he gets culture shock again. This is a rare example of someone actually coming back from their isekai adventure in one piece, and making Uncle from another world more related to The Wizard of Oz than purist isekai titles which That time I was reincarnated as a slime or Black Summoner.

Trapped in a dating sim, sci-fi and romance blend into a bizarre adventure

Trapped in a Dating Sim: Fighting the dirt becomes the rule

Trapped in a Dating Sim was a surprise hit of the spring 2022 anime season, boldly mixing generic, familiar isekai and game elements into a surprisingly refreshing whole. Once again, the hero is a generic, self-absorbed young man surrounded by attractive girls, but this otome game world inexplicably mixes giant robots with traditional high school otome romance, which is a serious change of pace for the notoriously stale isekai genre. On top of that, the villainous anti-hero Leon Bartfort was subjected to social discrimination due to his third-born status, his noble family’s low position, and even his gender. In this realm, the firstborn and women make the rules, so Leon must face not a demon king, but society itself – a whole new kind of challenge where there’s no obvious way to win. He also befriended the dunderheaded Olivia, another short student who is destined to become a great magical girl one day, if only she could have some self-belief.

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Reincarnated as a sword is exactly what it sounds like

Fran and teacher reincarnated as a sword

Reincarnated as a sword is a charming and action-packed isekai offering from the fall 2022 anime season, ending this year’s isekai banquet in true style. This anime hardly reinvents the isekai wheel, but it still stands out in that the main hero is reborn, not as a slime or vending machine, but as a magical sword with a dragon-like face. Now known only as a teacher, this Japanese man turned medieval weapon is closely attached to his new master, a 12-year-old cat girl named Fran. The two make a great pair, with Fran refreshingly calm, polite and mature for her age as a cowgirl rather than yet another bubbly cat girl. Fran has a lot to learn from her telepathic swordsman friend, but she still shines as a rising star in the world of monster slayers and guild-affiliated adventurers.

I’m the villain so I tame the final boss packs three arcs in one season

I'm the Villainess: Aileen and Claude are true relationship goals in Isekai Anime

I’m the villain looked like My next life as a villain 2.0 to begin with, as another otome isekai title with a bad girl turned good. However, Aileen d’Autriche, the blonde protagonist, has a much stronger character arc than Katarina Claes ever did. Aileen is a smart, bold and caring villain turned hero who can expertly rewrite the story of this otome game to ensure her own survival, and she will do it more than once. Aileen went through not one, but three action-packed story arcs in just 12 episodes, successfully taming the demon king before attending an elite school and then crossing swords with her worst enemy to save her relationship with Claude. I’m the villain also broke new ground with the antagonistic Lilia Rainworth, another reincarnated character who argued that even in isekai, video game characters are not real people, so it is justifiable to manipulate and play with them. This may inspire some debate as to whether or not the supporting cast members in any isekai title are real human beings or just animated things.

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