The best ax wielders in Anime

The best ax wielders in Anime

Anime heroes and villains alike wield some of the most iconic anime weapons of all time. Some of these weapons have magical powers, and others are ridiculously oversized or have unique designs. However, some warriors are master marksmen or swordsmen and are able to turn a simple weapon into one of the most memorable and deadly anime tools. This includes a simple weapon such as an axe.

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From iconic anime swords and unique weapons to wonderfully designed axes, anime characters always had some of the most exciting and visually impressive weapons. In many cases, these weapons even had their own special stories and a unique connection to their users. These special connections always added a nice complexity to the characters and anime story.


7/7 Escanor – Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor is one of the most powerful ax wielders in the anime and is the strongest of the Holy Knights. However, he is only at his strongest during the day when his entire body and personality change. By day, he is an almost invincible warrior and protector of the innocent. At night, however, his body shrinks and he becomes both physically and mentally weaker.

Despite this, in both of his forms, Escanor is a kind and caring character, but shows his feelings towards others in very different ways. Seven Deadly Sins is one of the funniest fighting game anime shows about some of the most powerful anime warriors who embark on a dangerous and battle-filled journey to clear their names.

6/7 Jinin Akebino – Naruto

Jinin Akebino is one of Narutoits bravest and most skilled warriors and was one of the most powerful members of the respected Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He is also one of the most iconic anime ax wielders whose ax is a truly unique weapon. This powerful shinobi warrior wields a special weapon called the Kabutowari, which has an ax on one end and a large hammer on the other.

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Thanks to Jinin’s unique abilities and mastery of his axe, he was able to easily break through the defenses of his enemies, as well as quickly finish them off if necessary. Naruto is one of the most interesting action anime featuring powerful warriors who have learned from some of the greatest teachers in the Naruto. The story follows a young boy, Naruto, who embarks on a life-changing journey to become a powerful ninja and eventually take his place as Hokage in his beloved village.

5/7 Baraggan Louisenbairn – Bleach

Baraggan Louisenbairn is one of the most dangerous and evil ax wielders in anime history. Although he may look like an older man, he is actually one of the most powerful and deadliest warriors in the series. He was also the God King and is one of the most selfish and surprisingly short-sighted rulers in the show.

However, he is also one of the most skilled ax fighters who overpowered many great warriors during his lifetime. Even though he was a villain, he had one of the greatest character arcs in it Bleach. Bleach is a fun adventure anime series about a teenage boy, Ichigo, who embarks on an epic journey after gaining the power of a Soul Reaper.

4/7 Rory Mercury – Street

Rory Mercury is one of the most powerful and intelligent ax wielders in anime, who is also over nine hundred years old. She is an apostle of the god of darkness and death and is a powerful demigoddess herself. Although she may seem like a kind and friendly young girl, she is actually a ruthless warrior who kills evil without remorse.

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She kills cunning criminals with ease using her powerful ax and superhuman strength and speed among many other supernatural abilities. Gate is one of the most underrated and entertaining shows that also has one of the best Isekai anime harems. Set in present-day Tokyo, it follows a group of members of the military squad who must protect the Earth from the monsters and evil beings that began to enter Tokyo through a mysterious gate.

3/7 Taurus – Fairy Tail

Taurus is easily one of the most memorable ax wielders in the anime world and is also one of the strongest Golden Zodiac Keys. Taurus’ key is in the possession of Lucy, who is one of the members of the powerful Fairy Tail guild. He is a powerful humanoid warrior who wields his ax masterfully and protects his owner at all costs.

He also has one of the quirkiest personalities of all the Keys, and his fun and witty personality created many funny moments in the show. Fairytale is one of the most beloved fantasy anime shows. Fans can not only enjoy the stories of iconic warriors and watch epic battles, but are also able to see some of the most emotional and powerful moments of friendship in Fairytale which made this program a must-see.

2/7 Liz T. Blood – Blood Lad

Despite her diminutive size and cute appearance beneath her terrifying outfit, Liz T. Blood happens to be one of the most powerful and menacing anime ax wielders of all time. Although she is a kind and shy girl, she is also a strict warrior who must keep order in Hell. She faced the most cunning and terrifying villains of all time, and thanks to her fighting skills and demonic powers, she defeated them all.

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Liz is also responsible for evaluating each newcomer in Hell and not only decides whether they are innocent or not, but also delivers the punishment. Blood boyThe story follows the story of a vampire named Staz and a young girl, Fuyumi. After Fuyumi accidentally enters the demon world, she is eaten by a carnivorous plant and turns into a ghost. Staz then promises that he will help her get her human life back.

1/7 Mitsuba Sangu – Seraph of the End

Mitsuba Sangu is one of the hardest working and bravest ax wielders in anime and is always ready to sacrifice herself for others and protect her city from the deadly vampire invasion. Mitsuba was a skilled fighter who wielded his Cursed Gear weapon ax masterfully.

Thanks to her powerful weapons, she also gained superhuman abilities including superhuman strength, and was able to heal herself from most injuries. Seraph of the End is one of the most exciting anime shows set in a post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo where a mysterious virus kills most of humanity and allows vampires to take over and treat humans like livestock. However, there are brave warriors trying to fight back and save humanity from the mortal immortals.

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