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The best anime duos that prove the power of friendship

The best anime duos that prove the power of friendship

The concept of friends who are ready to die for each other and always have the other’s back has long been a fan-favorite element of anime. Whether it’s an inspiring bromance, a sweet friendship of the opposite sex or rivals who became friends like Naruto and Sasuke, anime friendship is a truly deep experience filled with emotion. Although there are countless anime duos that have won the hearts of the audience over the years, a few are so enlightening that everyone wants such a friend in life.

Good friendships transcend circumstances, time, and sometimes even dimensions. Some of these anime duos are childhood friends, while others have found their best part through struggle and trauma. From teaching viewers sincere lessons to restoring everyone’s faith in humanity, these are some of the best anime friendships of all time.

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Mochizo Oji and Tamako Kitashirakawa (Tamako Market)

Tamako market is an incredibly adorable anime, whether it’s the animation or the heartbreaking connection between the characters. A special friendship that stands out is between the co-protagonists Tamako Kitashirakawa and Mochizo Oji, who are childhood best friends. Both belong to a close-knit community, but their fathers are mochi rivals who keep the drama going in their lives.

Tamako and Mochizo share a beautiful bond where the couple indulges in occasional teasing and heartfelt moments of friendship. Since Mochizo is actually in love with Tamako, it is difficult for him to deny her something, which makes their friendship all the more beautiful.

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Nijiiro Days Gang

Although this article is about anime duos, it was impossible to leave out the whole thing Nijiiro Days. Dubbed as The rainbow days, this slice-of-life / romance anime is a treat to watch, as it will bring out everyone’s memories of being with school friends. Natsuki is an ordinary middle school student, but there is nothing normal about his friendship with his best brothers (Tomoya, Keiichi and Tsuyoshi), each with a uniquely colorful personality.

It’s a laugh when they get together, and it’s clear that each member of the gang cares deeply for each other. This continues to teach viewers how important it is to have caring friends in such a delicate period of life.

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Mark Evans and Axel Blaze (Inazuma Eleven)

Mamorus (or Mark Evans) character in Inazuma Eleven is a true representation of how a friend should be. He is very protective of his team and shares a special bond with none other than Axel Blaze (Shuuya). Even though they have opposite personalities, with Mark being completely out there and Axel a very private person, Mark manages to break down Axel’s walls.

He really helps Axel deal with a tragic past related to football, and he eventually becomes the strongest part of the team. Their friendship all the way Inazuma Eleven reminds the fans that whether you play together or against, a true friend will always cheer the other on and be proud of their achievements. Mark and Axel’s friendship represents the best of their sport.

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Osamu and Atsushi (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Atsushi Nakajima had a tough childhood and does not seem to escape his tragic past – that is, before he meets Osamu Dazai. Osamu helps Atsushi overcome deep trauma and gives him a purpose. He really changes his friend’s life for the better all the way Bungou stray dogs and even lets Atsushi join the gang.

This friendship represents the importance of having a support system that can mutilate the animal from the past. Osamu’s enigmatic personality eventually motivates Atsushi to trust life again and put his faith in someone who really cares about him. Their friendship goes far beyond that too – Osamu and Atsushi behave practically like siblings, easily placing them among the anime’s biggest duos.

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