The anime version of the Powerpuff Girls would obliterate the originals

The anime version of the Powerpuff Girls would obliterate the originals

While the Powerpuff Girls have shown their amazing abilities to protect Townsville, their anime counterparts are bigger, tougher and stronger.

While they may be the most potent combination of “sugar, spice and everything nice” that Chemical X has ever helped create, The Powerpuff Girls wouldn’t stand a chance against his anime counterparts Powerpuff Girls Z.

As the original trio, members of Megumu Ishiguro’s Powerpuff Girls Z also gained his special powers as a result of Professor Utonium’s laboratory accident. While the unplanned addition of Chemical X into Professor Utonium’s mixture of spices, sweets and goodness resulted in the creation of the original Powerpuff Girls Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup; in the anime version, it was the accidental combination of a “Big Lucky Bun” into a vat of Chemical X that transformed it into the superpower that induced Chemical Z. When Professor Utonium’s son Ken used Chemical Z to blow up a climate-changing iceberg, the fallout from the explosion hit his classmates Momoko, Miyaoko and Kaoru in middle school; instantly changing them into super powered heroes known as Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles and Powered Buttercup.


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Aside from the fact that the creation of the anime team was completely random, while the original team was created as a result of Professor Utonium’s plan to create the “perfect little girl”, there is no obvious difference between the teams in terms of power and abilities. The members of both teams have super strength and speed, the ability to fly, and resistance to physical attacks and punishment. However, a closer analysis of both teams’ abilities, experience and origins shows that Powerpuff Girls Z is the superior team. A team the originals should aspire to be one day, but clearly outmatched in their current form.

It’s sugar and spice versus age and experience

Powerpuff-Girls-Z (1)

The first factor supporting a Powerpuff Girls Z victory is age. The original team members are in kindergarten. The anime team is in middle school. There is at least a six-year age difference between the teams. Even without superpowers, the anime team can physically overpower the original The Powerpuff Girls team. That wouldn’t change because they are now superheroes. The age difference will widen the gap between the two when it comes to clean power production. Second, in addition to their inherent abilities, each member of the anime team has a weapon. Hyper Blossom has shooting joys that she can use in both short and long range attacks, as well as use to tie up opponents. Rolling Bubbles has a bubble wand that she can use to hit opponents or blow bubbles. The bubbles can either hit an opponent, trapping or engulfing them, or as a protective cushion against an opponent’s attack. Finally, Powered Buttercup has an oversized hammer, called the “Megaton Dunk” that she can use to hit opponents or parry their blows.

But the most important difference is the fact that the anime team was not the realization of Professor Utonium’s experiment. They are ordinary teenagers dealing with life before they became Powerpuff Girls Z. That is, they bring all their life experiences into their superhero persona. For example, Hyper Blossom and Powered Buttercup have siblings, and Rolling Bubbles is so pretty that she always has an army of boys chasing after her. These experiences will certainly influence their actions as Powerpuff Girls Z. It will make them more mentally resilient, more determined to overcome adversity and basically tougher. The opposite is The Powerpuff Girls has no corresponding wealth of experience or opportunity for personal growth. Apart from their crime-fighting, they are actually still bound by the rules society sets for children of kindergarten age. So even if the original The Powerpuff Girls were the most powerful team, that power would not be able to overcome the other intangibles their elder sisters bring to the table.

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