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The 8 best anime series in 2022 (so far)

The 8 best anime series in 2022 (so far)

2022 has already seen a lot of fantastic anime. There were some recurring favorites like that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu and Yaiba, Komi can not communicate, The Rising of the Shield Heroand Attack on Titan. But beyond all the returning anime, there have also been a number of imaginative new titles. Are you looking for a show about a strategist from Three Kingdoms stories who will be music director? You have it. How about an anime about girls who use their voices to heal the sick? Yes, you have it too. While this summer has even more long-awaited shows on the way Made in Abyss and The devil is a part-time employee, it’s time to make an overview of what to see as the first half of 2022 draws to a close. Below are the best anime titles of 2022 so far:



Look at Crunchyroll

As one of the most hyped anime of the spring season 2022, expectations to Spy x Family were high. The action / comedy has everything an intrepid anime viewer looks for: spies, assassins and an adorable child who happens to be a telepath. Where does the family part of this spy drama come from? Secret Agent Loid Forger (codenamed “Twilight”) is the only agent who can maintain peace between neighboring Westalis and Ostania. His mission, Operation Strix, involves him marrying and having a child. The only problem is that Loid can not only form a family on the go, but even if he could, what would it look like? Still, he gets to know the assassin Yor and the telepath Anya. The animation from Wit Studio provides Spy x Family the high quality gloss it deserves, and it is a fantastic adaptation of the source material. Even with high-octane action, Anya steals the show with her perspective and magnetic personality.


Look at Crunchyroll

Like the third season of a long-running romantic comedy series, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Ultra Romantic had to develop to a large extent. Its premise has always been this competition between Shuciin Academy’s senior student council members, President Miyuki Shriogane and Vice President Kaguya Shinomiya. The entire student body imagines the two together, and they seem to like each other, but both Miyuki and Kaguya are too proud to confess their feelings. Each episode of the show has traditionally been composed of three chapters showing the lengths these two teens plan to get the other to confess. This lightning-fast approach lends itself to the comedy’s utter ridiculousness. What does Ultra romantic an evolution from previous entries is the hope that there will be a kind of traction between Miyuki and Kaguya. Who will be the winner of the war? When everyone is having so much fun, it does not matter.

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Look at Crunchyroll

Healer girl is the closest anime comes to a musical. As you might expect, Healer girl follows three girls studying to become healers. A healer in this show is not like a traditional doctor studying Eastern or Western medicine – no, these girls are going to use the power of song to heal their patients. With their voices, they are able to heal wounds and bring comfort. Not only are there musical interludes when the girls use their abilities, but whole episodes will make the girls practice their skills, and sing all their dialogues as if they were in a Jacques Demy movie. Music as medicine has been studied, so this premise is not unheard of, but it may work a little also well in this world. Healer girl is one of the more exciting titles of the year, and although the songs do not work for you, it is the definition of healing anime: a show that often has a calming or therapeutic effect. Make fictional patients and the public feel better – what’s better than that?


Look at Crunchyroll

An anime about golf does not sound that exciting, but let me tell you, Birdie Wing Golf Girls’ Story is everything. A golf shark known as Eve walks around and earns money from underground golf games. She has a no-nonsense golf style where she just forces herself through the course. Although she does not play professionally, she has no equal for her age. It is until Eve meets the prodigy Aoi Amawashi, whose mastery of the game of golf is Eva’s biggest challenge. In addition to her rivalry with Aoi, Eve is involved in the mafia and the world of Birdie Wing, score is decided on the golf course. Many of the golfers mentioned have their own special abilities – whether it is lightning shots or pheromones that make players confused, this is not a typical round of golf. Birdie Wing does not require you to know the difference between an eagle and a birdie, it is more interested in showing an extreme version of golf. It’s in this complete nonsense Birdie Wing stands out.

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Look at Crunchyroll

Dance Dance Dancer Realizes that dance can be difficult to sell and uses it as a tool to tell its story. When young Junpei Murao is taken to a ballet concert, he is basically uninterested – until he sees a man performing ballet and he is fascinated by the dance. Junpei longs to study ballet himself, but he is persuaded to take up more masculine hobbies such as martial arts. When his father dies of a tragic illness, Junpei must forever give up his dream of ballet to become “the man of the house”. It is until the interest in transfer student Miyako Godai brings him back to the dance again. Dance Dance Dancer is considered a Seinen series, which makes the target group of young men. I imagine that some men would be ambivalent about reading a dance manga because of the image of being traditionally feminine, but Dance Dance Dancer shows the magic of dance and how the art form surpasses labels. Junpei loves to dance, and heck he’s going to do it.


Look at Crunchyroll

Wakana Gojo is determined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and continue the tradition of making beautiful hina dolls. But his unusual hobby has left him as an outcast among peers. After a chance encounter with the beautiful Marin Kitagawa, Gojo is persuaded to help Kitagawa with her hobby: cosplay as her favorite characters. The cosplay designs are of popular characters from Kitagawa’s eroge games, which means that they are significantly more risky than Gojo is initially comfortable with. This often leads to embarrassing situations between the two young adults. My boyfriend has its fair share of free fan service, but the heart of the story – two people falling for each other while pursuing the hobbies they love – is so real that even audiences who do not love T&A can get something out of it


Look at HIDIVE

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a major issue in the East, as it is among one of the most beloved stories in Chinese history. What if an anime took a historical figure from that period, Kongming, and transported him to the modern age? Not only that, but what if his intention is to use his ingenious IQ to help a young woman named Eika realize her dream of becoming a pop star? It is Ya Boy Kongming in a nutshell, but it’s also so much more fun than that. Kongming has no problem adapting to the new situation he is in and using his radiant mind, he reuses military strategies to increase Eika’s popularity. There is some fantastic music, and the opening sequence will definitely make you try to memorize the dance, but the show’s secret weapon is Kobayashi, the owner of the club Kongming works for. He is a Three kingdoms fanatic and his knowledge help the audience to contextualize the great genius of Kongming. Ya Boy Kongming is certainly one of this year’s hidden gems so far.

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Look at Crunchyroll

Have you ever seen a main character who is just so damn real that it elevates the whole story? It is Ranking of Kings. The show follows Bojji, a little prince who is deaf. He excels in defensive tactics instead of attacks, and his naivety makes those around him doubt his possible legacy. After the death of Boji’s father, King Bosse, the court decides to install Boji’s younger half-brother Prince Daida on the throne instead. This sends Bojji on a quest to gain experience and become stronger, but while he is away from the kingdom, a mysterious force takes control. Did I mention that Bojji’s most trusted ally is Kage, a creature who looks like an evil black puddle but learns to love Bojji? Ranking of Kings is special not only for his adventure, but because Bojji is the best boy and well worth following on his great journey.

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