The 10 Worst Anime Retailers, Ranked

The 10 Worst Anime Retailers, Ranked

In anime, negotiation takes on a much more central role than many fans might immediately realize. While it may appear that the hero always wins without the need for negotiation, and that is certainly the case, it is still the case that anime heroes will still attempt to negotiate with the villain, to varying degrees of effect.

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In that sense, negotiation takes the form of a dialogue between a hero and a villain, showing each character’s true motivations and ethical positions. Naruto’s “Talk no Jutsu” has become one of the most infamous examples of this in the anime community. By simply talking to the villain, Naruto can use his affinity for lengthy dialogue to persuade them to change their ways. Unfortunately, not all anime characters are as good negotiators as he is.

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10/10 Denji is a sucker for love


Makima asks Denji about his kiss in Chainsaw Man.

Although Denji often tries to set a strict moral compass for himself Chainsawman, his past of loneliness has put him in a state of mind that leaves him little room for negotiation. He is constantly pushed around by his worse instincts and impulses, even as they also make him a successful survivor.

Yet, Denji’s simple attitude always hinders his ability to negotiate, especially with women. The women around him can make Denji do practically anything by making a few suggestive passes towards him. Although he tries to fight the urges and stick to his guns, Denji is completely helpless when it comes to the opposite sex.

9/10 Mob is blissfully unaware of what he deserves

Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo and Reigen in Mob Psycho 100.

Mob from Mob Psycho 100 don’t like to fight people. He hates using his powers on other people and will simply refuse to do so unless pushed to the point where he loses all control. Usually, long before that happens, he will try to reason with the other person and tell them they don’t need to fight; Unfortunately, they never listen.

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Mob’s monotone tone and unassuming appearance certainly don’t help his negotiation efforts one bit, and villains rarely take him seriously. However, this is more to their detriment: once Mob is forced to use their powers, the enemy has no choice but to change their ways.

8/10 Goku’s innocent nature allows him to be easily fooled

Dragon Ball

Goku and Frieza on Namek in Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball’s Goku is definitely one of the worst negotiators in anime history. In fact, one of his signature moves is to negotiate briefly with the villain, only to end up fighting them anyway. Any fan who knows Goku knows that he really just wanted to fight the villain to begin with.

Not only is Goku just a bad negotiator in general, but he’s constantly being tricked by his enemies. Both Frieza and Raditz beg for mercy and easily convince him that they will change, only to turn around and try to beat him when he doesn’t notice.

7/10 Ainz has no need for negotiations


Ainz Ooal Dress in Overlord.

It is not necessarily so Overlords Ainz couldn’t be a good negotiator if he tried; it’s just that he generally doesn’t feel the need to. Since he has well-established goals, Ainz has no time to waste on such petty trivialities.

The only ones who have any real influence on Ainz’s decisions are his trusted Guardians of Nazarick, though they generally have very little to offer in the way of countering Ainz’s suggestions. Blessed with overwhelming abilities and a legion that worships him like a god, Ainz has no need to negotiate with anyone. Force and threats serve him in his goal of world domination far better than cooperation ever could.

6/10 Ichigo only knows how to talk with his fists


Ichigo wearing a jacket in Bleach.

When Bleach’s Soul Society captures Rukia for breaking protocol, things quickly go downhill for Ichigo. After all, he had a front row seat to the whole situation since he is the one Rukia endowed with the powers that got her into trouble in the first place.

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As Ichigo tries to convince Rukia’s brother not to take her, he isn’t the best with words; violence is a language he is much more used to. In the end, Rukia is taken willingly, and Ichigo is forced to go and rescue her the hard way – a predicament that could possibly have been avoided if Ichigo had been a little better at making a deal.

5/10 Ristarte just doesn’t seem to get through to Seiya

Cautious Hero: The hero is overwhelmed, but far too cautious

Seiya and Ristarte in Cautious Hero.

IN Careful completely, Ristarte brings Seiya back to life to make him act as the hero and save an alien world from a powerful demon lord. While Seiya is understandably cautious in that situation, Ristarte’s complete inability to connect with or understand him is a recipe for disaster.

While Ristarte does everything in her power to try to get Seiya to see it the way she does, he tends to prefer to move at his own pace. Ristarte tries a variety of methods to convince Seiya to take even the smallest step forward. Nevertheless, he is far too overdramatic to be swayed by the goddess’s suggestions, no matter how rational.

4/10 Nina’s past traumas make negotiation impossible


Nina from Monster.

IN Pattern, Nina is Johan’s twin sister and the only other person who knew the truth about the night that left Johan so injured that Dr. Tenma had to save him. Unlike most bad negotiators, Nina doesn’t even try to save her brother, and immediately shoots him according to his own orders.

Nina’s horribly traumatic past shapes her inner frailty, despite the fact that she appears happy and optimistic on the outside. This behavior is what keeps her from becoming the monster her brother has become, but unfortunately she’s not a good enough negotiator to get him to change. When he kidnaps and threatens a boy to get Tenma to shoot him, Nina can’t change her mind and Tenma has little choice.

3/10 Aqua gets the worst deal in Isekai history


Aqua from KonoSuba eats a bag of chips.

Isekai loves a good goddess and hero duo. water, Konosuba’s token goddess, provides the tough, overpowered half of the dynamic in contrast to Kazuma’s smart weak routine. Although fans benefit greatly from their interactions, this was not something Aqua ever wanted for herself.

As the losing end of the worst deal in the history of gods and goddesses, Aqua is taken with Kazuma to the ice dock he is reborn into despite her desperate attempts to argue against it. Her story just goes to show that even the gods shouldn’t get too cocky because there’s always someone who can outsmart them.

2/10 Vash tries to negotiate while aiming a weapon


A serious Vash the Stampede holds a gun in Trigun.

Because of his strong moral compass, Vash from Trigun is strongly opposed to murder, which may come as a surprise, considering that he is extremely skilled with firearms. Nevertheless, Vash is relentless in his mercy, often to a fault, as his enemies are not quite so merciful.

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Vash’s peaceful nature often leads him to try to reason with the enemy, who never take him up on his offer. The many scars and permanent wounds on Vash’s body are a constant reminder of his merciless nature and his failings as a negotiator.

1/10 Jaden doesn’t convince any duelist to change paths

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

A collage of Winged Kuriboh and Jaden Yuki in the Yu-Gi-Oh!  GX.

While Yu-Gi-Oh! GX’s Yugi tends to have his own form of Talk no Jutsu, Jaden, on the other hand, has no such thing. It gets to the point that his friends even recognize when Jaden does one of his monologues again in true fourth wall breaking fashion.

Jaden really loves dueling monsters and believes it can change the world; he just wished his opponents could see things that way too, especially the evil ones. However, he is never able to convey his beliefs in the right way that can really make his opponent turn things around.

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