The 10 Most Disturbing Anime Villains, Ranked

The 10 Most Disturbing Anime Villains, Ranked

Generally, anime villains are not written to be charismatic or likable. On the contrary, many stories go out of their way to convey them as regrettably as possible. As a result, it feels satisfying and vindicating when the heroes finally defeat them.

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Nevertheless, not all antagonists are written equally. Some are so downright disturbing that their very existence creates controversy within their respective fandoms. These deeply twisted individuals are harrowing to watch every moment they are on screen, with their lack of morals making them dangerous, unpredictable and repulsive by every conceivable metric.

10/10 Aria tortured peasants for fun

Akame Ga Kill!

Aria was one of the first nobles Tatsumi met in Akame Ga Kill!. She gave the impression of a sweet young girl who only wanted to help the poor succeed. As the night wore on, her facade became more and more apparent.

When Tatsumi fully explored the family estate, he realized that she had taken and tortured his friends to the brink of death. She had similar intentions for him, illustrating the extent of her evil despite such a young age. Aria was disturbing as she sadistically brutalized innocent people for her own entertainment.

9/10 Kabuto defied the laws of nature


As one of NarutoKabuto’s most powerful villain, Kabuto proved his villainy in the Forth Shinobi War. By splicing his DNA with the Sound Four and acquiring snake sage jutsu, he became a repulsive monstrosity that defied the laws of nature.

As hideous as Kabuto’s appearance might be, his personality was even worse. During Orochimaru’s fight with Tsunade, he attempted to capitalize on her trauma by spilling as much of Naruto’s blood as possible. Kabuto’s attack on his opponent’s psyche made him a sinister villain with few redeeming qualities.

8/10 Moonfish was a terrifying professional villain

My Hero Academia

Moonfish was an elite villain that All For One used to attack the forest camp. Everything about him was disturbing, from his lack of speech to his straitjacket and conspicuous bloodlust. Given his presentation, he was one of My Hero Academiahis most memorable enemies despite being imprisoned shortly after his debut.

Perhaps Moonfish’s most disturbing aspect was the way he walked. Propelling himself forward on spiked barbs, he gave off a spider-like appearance that frightened UA’s best students and even gave their teachers pause. To that extent he was even better at demoralizing opposition than his stronger comrades.

7/10 Sugou was a predatory and exploitative businessman

Sword art online

Despite his banal appearance, Sugou was easily the most disturbing villain in Sword art online. Unlike his predecessor, he intended to use Alfheim to modify the players’ brains so that they had no idea of ​​his influence.

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Even worse, he held Asuna hostage in the virtual world and did unspeakable things to her until she was freed. Given his predatory behavior, sense of entitlement, and unhinged pursuit of Kirito when his plans fell through, Sugou did not deserve the mercy shown to him at the end of the arc.

6/10 The spec was fueled by its own hatred


A man well into his nineties, Spec was among them Baki’s oldest characters. He was so driven by a desire to inflict pain and misery that it physically reborn his body and allowed him to fight. After being defeated by Hanayama, he withered into the shell of the man he actually was.

Spec’s imagination and cruel personality both foreshadow a disturbing apathy for life. He was so dismissive of the future that he even shot himself through the cheek for fun and to unsettle his enemies.

5/10 Mad Pierrot was an experiment gone wrong

Cowboy Bebop

Mad Pierrot was Cowboy Bebopits strongest villain by a considerable margin. An experiment gone wrong, he murdered his captors and escaped into the night. The procedures performed on Pierrot warped his mind so deeply that it gave him a compulsion to kill.

Before long, he became an almost mythical figure, murdering anyone who crossed his path. Between his wide grin, tough cackles, and bulletproof body, Pierrot disrupted Spike and the members of the Bebop crew in ways beyond Vicious’ wildest dreams.

4/10 Haumea treated others like toys

Fire strength

What made Haumea most disturbing Fire strength villainy was how she knew what she was doing. Her Ignition Ability allowed her to tamper with a target’s brain, effectively rewiring them into her personal puppets.

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She took great pleasure in inflicting her powers on others, such as when Sho attempted to jump from the White-clads. To ensure his obedience, she destroyed his mind and painted his face with makeup. This essentially made him Haumea’s own “puppet”, which further speaks to her obsession with manipulating and having power over others.

3/10 Shou Tucker turned his own daughter into a chimera

Full metal alchemist

Despite Shou’s minor role in fullmetal alchemist, he was easily the most disturbing villain. A man obsessed with his craft, he didn’t give in when Amestris cut funding and tried to prove he could.

Without the necessary resources to conduct safe experiments, he spliced ​​his own daughter’s DNA with her dog’s. The result was a grotesque aberration that begged for death and whose existence chilled even the most stoic of soldiers. Tucker may have been treated immediately, even though his procedure was irreversible.

2/10 Vander Decken pursued Shirahoshi since childhood

One Piece

Vander Decken’s obsession with Shirahoshi made him worse than others One Piece villains. He proposed to her when she was still a child, suggesting how amoral and twisted his priorities actually were. When she refused, he used the Mark-Mark Fruit to continuously harass her throughout her teenage years.

It allowed him to throw projectiles that automatically found their way to her at deadly speed. Should Luffy not have come to Fish-Man Island, Shirahoshi may never have mentally recovered from Decken’s brutal and unapologetic abuse.

1/10 Everything Hisoka did was disturbing

hunter x hunter

Hisoka was one of the first and most despicable villains in the hunter x hunter. His constant desire for challenge led to an inappropriate fascination with Gon. Repeatedly the man made comments about his potential or how the young boy made him feel.

This obsession was maintained on Greed Island, where he stayed close to Gon during Razor’s trial. He wanted to measure the boy’s progress, and treat him like a fruit soon to be harvested. Considering how willing Hisoka was to join and betray the Phantom Squad, his only true allegiance was to himself.

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