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The 10 healthiest couples in Shonen Anime, Ranked

The 10 healthiest couples in Shonen Anime, Ranked

Love has always been a big part of anime. Whether it’s the main focus of the story or just a nice subplot, romance brings a new layer of emotion and drama to any series. Fans love to connect their favorite characters and discuss which ships are best in the fandom. The shone has many iconic pairs throughout the genre, but some are admittedly better than others.

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Many relationships in the genre depict unhealthy tropics that make them much less pleasant to the fans. However, today there are just as many slimming couples with healthy, balanced relationships based on trust and understanding. These couples are the best in the shonen anime, and show that a real relationship is a partnership between two equals who know each other better than anyone else.

10 Asuna and Kirito have supported each other since the beginning (Sword Art Online)

Fans have mixed opinions when it comes to Sword art online, and the same can be said about the series’ heroes, Kirito and Asuna. Some love them, others hate them, but in any case it is undeniable that these two have a very sweet and loving bond.

From the very beginning, the two work together and slowly build trust in each other, and eventually become unstoppable partners. Their support for each other and immortal love is one of the best parts of the franchise, and even haters must admit that they are a healthy and well-balanced couple.

9 Tanjiro and Kanao have a precious budding relationship (Demon Slayer)

They may not be a couple yet, but fans still love the relationship between Tanjiro and Kanao in Demon butcher. Whether they become canon or not, the two make one of the cutest couples in the series, both supporting the other and wishing their happiness.

Their relationship got off to a rocky start to the beginning, with Tanjiro competing against her, but it did not take long before a strong bond was formed between them. After their first meeting, it is suggested that Kanao has developed a love affair with Tanjiro. It is not yet revealed if her feelings will be reciprocated, but even if their relationship remains one-sided, they are a sweet and healthy couple that fans love.

8 Natsu and Lucy have a close bond built on trust (Fairy Tail)

At the start of Fairytale, Natsu and Lucy are nothing but teammates in the same guild. But as they fight side by side, they slowly begin to trust each other more than anyone else. While fans have often debated whether their relationship is romantic or not, there is no doubt that they have the closest bond of all in the group.

Whatever their feelings may be, their teammates, partners and friends are above all else. Unlike many male and female lead roles in Shonen, these two have an incredibly healthy and close relationship built on trust and respect.

7 Meliodas and Elizabeth are a surprisingly healthy couple (Seven Deadly Sins)

Fans tend to criticize the conditions in Seven deadly sins, including the main couple, Meliodas and Elizabeth. Due to Melioda’s perverse nature towards her, many consider it a problematic relationship in the beginning. However, their romance is actually surprisingly sweet and healthy. As they look past the tasteless jokes thrown in, they share a strong and loving bond that spans thousands of years.

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Everything Meliodas does is for Elizabeth’s sake. He fights to protect her and break her curse, and in return she offers her support and protection as well. Seven deadly sins is a unique series within the genre, which places much greater emphasis on romance and relationships that give them more depth and emotion than ever before.

6 Kenshin and Kaoru are equal and look at each other with respect (Rurouni Kenshin)

When Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya meet for the first time Rurouni Kenshin, their relationship is nothing more than one of mutual respect. But as the series progresses, their emotions slowly begin to change, and Kaoru becomes an important part of Kenshin’s life.

She acts as a rock, burying him and giving him meaning after his violent and traumatic past. Even when Kaoru learns the dark truth about Kenshin, she looks at him with love and support. From start to finish, Kenshin and Kaoru remain equal, supporting each other as they change for the better.

5 Simon and Nia have a tragically beautiful romance (Gurren Lagann)

Out of all the couples in Gurren Lagann, Simon and Nia are the most iconic. From the moment they first meet as children, they have a strong connection that only gets stronger with age. Although their romance is ultimately tragic, the love they share is part of what makes the series so wonderful.

Through it all, they never give up and are willing to go to the ends of the earth if it means they can be together. Even with their sad ending, the relationship between Simon and Nia is healthy, clean and a joy to watch.

4 Komi and Tadano have the healthiest relationship in the modern Shonen (Komi can not communicate)

At the start of Komi can not communicate, Hitohito Tadano and Shoko Komi seem to live in two completely different worlds. However, it does not take long before their worlds collide in the most unexpected way ever. Tadano and Komi is one of the sweetest and healthiest relationships that has come out of recent anime.

Although they are not currently an object, it is clear that the two have feelings for each other, and fans can not help but love their budding romance. Through friendship and trust, they know each other better than anyone else, and Tadano can even record Komi’s feelings without her having to convey them. They make each other’s lives better simply by being together, which gives one of the sweetest couples of all time.

3 Krillin and Android 18 are one of the best pairs in the franchise (Dragon Ball)

Dragon Ball fans can not get enough of iconic couples like Goku and Chichi or Vegeta and Bulma. But they are not the only good relationships in the franchise. Although not as popular, Krillin and Android 18 have one of the sweetest conditions in the series.

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Although they may be an unlikely couple, the two have amazing chemistry together and bring out the best in each other. Since settling down and starting a family, they have become an iconic couple and one of the most adorable Dragon Ball families of the times.

2 Shikamaru and Temari’s relationship feels most natural (Naruto)

There are many beloved ships in Naruto, and while they are all iconic, some work better than others. A lot of Naruto couples seem forced and make little sense in the first place. While that may be the case, Shikamaru and Temari are a couple who have always made sense to fans.

Since their first meeting, their relationship has built up slowly over time. It started as a bond of mutual respect between allies, but as the years went by, the two became close friends, and eventually developed romantic feelings. The progression in their relationship feels most natural of all the characters, and it’s no wonder how it became one of the most popular ships in the series.

Ed Elric and Winry Rockbell have been close all their lives. Long before the events in Full metal alchemist, the two were childhood friends together at the hip. They remained close as they got older, and Winry even served as Ed’s personal mechanic after losing his arm and leg.

Throughout the series, Ed and Winry support each other emotionally and physically, both fighting to protect the other. Their relationship has a gradual and natural progression, from best friends to lovers to husband and wife. They are easily one of the most beloved couples in shonen anime, and it’s easy to see why fans love their story.

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