The 10 Best Anime Retailers, Ranked

The 10 Best Anime Retailers, Ranked

While most anime characters prefer to resolve their conflicts with brute force, fists are not the only weapons useful in a disagreement. Several cunning and strategically thinking peacemakers choose to look for a favorable compromise at the negotiating table. These characters strive to resolve conflicts by working out an agreement with another party. Their most effective tools are their charisma, persuasiveness and diplomacy.

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Avoiding unnecessary bloodshed by talking smooth to your opponents is much more challenging than resorting to violence. Still, it gives the ambassadors an opportunity to make the best deal, making it well worth the effort. These negotiator characters are the best masters of tactical arbitration in anime.

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10/10 Mori can play nice with enemies to keep his grip on the mafia

Bungou stray dogs

Ougai Mori smiles cruelly in Bungo Stray Dogs.

The Port Mafia leader, Mori Ougai from Bungou stray dogs, uses his negotiating skills in cunning fashion, and strives to retain power over Yokohama’s criminal underworld by any means necessary. The mafioso is skilled at using both sweet-talking and manipulative threats and abuse to his advantage.

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In difficult situations, Mori is always willing to throw aside his ruthless personality and sit down at the negotiating table. He has no problem making deals with enemies for his own benefit or for the general good of the city he seems to love.

9/10 Ri Boku is both a warrior and a strategic ambassador


Ri Boku looks at a map from the Vinland Saga

Both capable of fighting and highly intelligent, Ri Boku from kingdom is the mastermind behind the state of Zhao’s militaristic victories. Although Ri Boku is not opposed to violent methods, he considers diplomatic skills to be the most important power of a leader.

Ri Boku is also a kind man behind his ruthless strategist facade, concerned with minimizing losses and resolving conflicts without resorting to war whenever possible. His role as Zhao’s prime minister also proves Ri Boku’s clout as a politician, as he was able to use his skills both in the bureaucracy and on the battlefield.

8/10 Rimuru learns the art of negotiation over time

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

Rimuru Tempest in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Despite starting out as childish and naive, Rimuru Tempest grew into a competent and wise leader throughout That time I was reincarnated as a slime. He never lets his emotions get the best of him in politics and always calculates his next move precisely.

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With the growth of the kingdom, Rimuru develops impressive negotiating skills, establishes profitable economic relations with neighboring countries, and maintains a positive public reputation. Although his methods are not always ethical, Rimuru seems genuinely passionate about creating his dream world of comfort and convenience.

7/10 Cagalli revealed her diplomatic skills after becoming the country’s ruler

Mobile suit Gundam SEED

Cagalli from gundam seed.

Cagalli Yula Athha from Mobile suit Gundam SEED was raised as a princess of the Orb Union, expected to be elegant and well-behaved. Nevertheless, in her youth she constantly rebelled against her father’s wishes and disregarded her association with royalty.

When Cagalli had to take her father’s place as ruler of Orb, she quickly discovered her hidden potential as a competent leader. After a short adjustment period, Cagalli regained his confidence as a diplomat and began to build a better future for his country with his negotiation skills.

6/10 Aramaki used negotiation to give Section 9 the upper hand

Ghost in the shell

Lt. Col. Daisuke Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell

Lieutenant Colonel Daisuke Aramaki from Ghost in the shell is not the one to engage in physical conflicts. Instead, he keeps his people safe and well informed through negotiations and diplomatic efforts. Unlike most cold-blooded bureaucrats, Aramaki genuinely cares about Section 9’s well-being.

Aramaki is willing to use rather unethical methods, such as bribes and heated negotiations, to keep Section 9 going. Still, Aramaki is mostly a man of principle who eschews corruption, using his political knowledge and diplomatic skills for the good of the crew.

5/10 Shiroe put his natural intelligence to good use in a fantasy world

Log the horizon

Shiroe, the powerful protagonist from Log Horizon

The main character in Log the horizon, Shiroe, used to be an intelligent engineering student before he was trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. Yet it was there that he made exceptional use of his negotiating skills, establishing political and economic relations between the adventurers and the people of the land.

Shiroe isn’t afraid to fight dirty to get the job done, even willing to compromise his public image for the better. His extensive knowledge of the game and understanding of his party members’ skills makes him extra prepared for any diplomatic battle.

Humanity has rejected

The main character who talks to the elves in Humanity has declined

The nameless communicator from Humanity has rejected is responsible for maintaining relations between humans and fairies, a challenging diplomatic task given the small creatures’ eccentric nature. Considering how easily The Mediator hides her cynical, gloomy personality in order to appear optimistic to the fairies and solve their problems, she is very skilled at her job.

The mediator has no passion for negotiations and diplomacy. However, she is diligent about her duties, although dealing with fairies and being drawn into their pointless adventures often annoys her.

3/10 Roger Smith gave up his military police career to become a negotiator

The big O

The big O

A former military police officer, The big O protagonist Roger Smith, changed career paths to become Paradigm City’s top freelance dealer. Despite being a methodical, pragmatic person guided by objective logic, Roger is considerate and respectful of others, making him a very successful mediator.

In difficult situations, Roger also has the option of resorting to using Big O, an ancient mecha from the past. However, most cases require only Roger’s wit and excellent communication skills to achieve the best possible deal.

2/10 Shindou establishes a diplomatic relationship with an alien species

KADO: The right answer

kado the correct answer shindou

Koujirou Shindou from KADO: The right answer is a government-affiliated dealer with an amazing track record. His logical, pragmatic demeanor and professionalism earned him a reputation as Japan’s best diplomat.

Shindou was one of the first humans to make contact with the extraterrestrial Yaha-kui zaShunina, establishing a bond with the creature and navigating his political relationship with Japan. A veteran diplomat, Shindou distinguished himself by leading the effort to negotiate with Yaha-kui zaShunina, determined to see his mission through to the end regardless of the unexpected turns it took.

1/10 Yuugo is considered the best retailer in the world

The Yugo Dealer

The Yugo Dealer

Staying true to its name, The Yugo dealer follows Beppu Yuugo, the world’s best conflict mediator with high stakes. His job takes him all over the world, involving the man in extremely dangerous missions. Yet Yuugo remains composed even under immense pressure as he puts his master skills to the test.

Without fail, Yuugo’s wits, calm demeanor, language skills, and understanding of psychology lead him to victory. Despite never using violence against his opponents, Yuugo always comes out on top, negotiating through even the most compromising conflicts.

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