Supernatural Manga Dandadan is reportedly getting an anime adaptation

Supernatural Manga Dandadan is reportedly getting an anime adaptation

The uniquely over-the-top and bizarre Shonen Jump+ manga Dandadan about aliens and yokai is rumored to have an anime adaptation in the future.

One of the strangest non-shonen-like manga series in Shonen Jump+, Dandadan, will reportedly receive its anime adaptation.

According to SPANKU (Spanku_u), the supernatural thriller will make its animated debut. Fans of the manga met the tweet with much enthusiasm, eager to see Dandadan on the small screen. There are rumors that Wit Studio may be responsible for the production and animation. Some fans noted that it now followed Yukinobu Tatsu, the creator of Dandadan, on Twitter. There has yet to be an official confirmation from either Tatsu or Wit Studio.

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Recently, Dandadan has received a lot of attention – in Japan and around the world – due to a series of impressive campaigns surrounding the manga. In Japan, the series has partnered with a manga-themed hotel, where guests can find more Dandadan manga panels and sketches in every guest room where fans can immerse themselves in the absurd world Dandadan until 30 November. In Italy, fans can visit a huge replica of the manga’s first volume in front of Lucca Cathedral, as part of J-Pop Manga’s promotional campaign.

The series follows the two main characters, Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura, or as Momo likes to call him, Okarun. Both are obsessed with supernatural beings, but neither believes the other’s obsession is real: Momo believes in ghosts and Okarun believes in aliens. To prove the other wrong, the two visit the other’s respective hideouts, and what Momo and Okarun find out is that aliens and ghosts are not only very real, but want to grab their reproductive organs. Things get much more complicated when Momo awakens her psychokinetic powers, and Okarun is occasionally possessed by a spirit called Turbo Grandma. Known for its unique art style and quirky humor around some of the more mature themes not often seen on the platform, Dandadan stands out from other works on Shonen Jump+.

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Before Tatsu created Dandadanthe mangaka worked as an assistant for two other famous Shonen Jump+ series: Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsawman and Yuji Kaku’s Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. Dandadan came second behind Naoya Matsumoto’s Kaiju No. 8 in the Best Online Manga category in the Next Manga Awards. The series began its serialization in April 2021 and currently has 80 chapters out online. Dandadan’s seven tankōbon volume contains the first 54 chapters. Viz Media licensed the series for one run, with the first volume released in October 2022.

Fans can catch up on Momo and Okarun’s current antics on Viz Media, where they can read the chapters in online format.

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