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Super Cub Anime is perfect for fans of motorcycles

Super Cub Anime is perfect for fans of motorcycles

Super Cub is a beautifully designed slice-of-life series about a young girl who lives a sedentary lifestyle until she decides to buy a motorcycle to make the daily commute to school easier. Koguma lives alone without parental support, has few friends and does not participate in any hobbies. But as the story progresses, the world begins to expand before Koguma’s eyes, giving her a new purpose in life. After contacting one of her classmates, Reiko, who also has a passion for the Honda Super Cubs, Koguma begins to build relationships with those around her and opens up the possibilities life has to offer.

Although the series is slow, simple and underrated, it remains exciting at every turn. Viewers will enjoy the daily progress that this series’ characters make and have the feeling that they are part of their journey of self-discovery and improvement. Even people who do not have an interest in motorcycles will probably be surprised by their appreciation of the everyday but technical details that are discussed throughout the show. Koguma, Reiko and Shi’s passion for driving is contagious.

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Super Cubs theme for self-improvement

Throughout the series, Koguma constantly tries to learn more about the Honda Super Cub 50. Basically, her discoveries are as simple as learning to ride a bike or change engine oil. But as the story progresses, she encounters more intricate problems, from increasing the bike’s speed to how it can best be adapted to the severe cold of the winter months. Although these challenges may seem purely mechanical, they are anything but.

With each improvement Koguma makes on her little bike, she also develops as a person and moves on in the goal of becoming independent. Buying gloves or a windshield can seem like an insignificant step to becoming an adult; But while Koguma tries to assemble parts to create the perfect vehicle, she also builds the confidence and skills needed to tackle the challenges of life.

Before she bought the Super Cub, Koguma’s world was small, uninspired and contained a few moments of joy. As her story progresses, all this begins to change. Koguma can easily travel around the country, find good buys in stores that would otherwise be impossible to access, work as a delivery driver and even help his friends when they are in trouble. While motorcycles are certainly the core of this series, they are also a channel that allows each character to grow and create their independence. The super kid is a symbol that these girls become women with both purpose and direction.

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Super Cubs theme of freedom and happiness

The series highlights how movement can be an incredibly liberating experience. From roaming the streets at night to climbing the steep peaks of mountain scenery, Koguma and Reiko enjoy every moment they are outside of school or their apartments. Throughout the series, these characters manage to capture a childlike innocence and sense of play, where each encounter is new, exciting and magical.

Whether it’s the wind whistling through your hair or finding an open snow – covered field to train your jumps, Koguma and Reiko enjoy the smallest thing immensely. Although this may initially appear as an act of immaturity or pettiness, it instead reflects a degree of wisdom that is often lost by many as they get older and enter the modern world.

Koguma and Reiko are by no means enlightened characters who go through life without fear or desire. However, it seems that each of them lives here and now more than most. They are detached from the chaos of the busy world or those who cling to big dreams that drive them headlong into the future. Instead, they often live in the present and enjoy everyday events.

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Super Cubs impeccable score

To match the series ‘calming pace and calm scenes, an impeccable score has been incorporated to encapsulate every moment of the characters’ journeys. Classic tracks like Claude Debussys Moonlight and Franz Liszts Liebestraum express the immense beauty of the places, the people and even the smells that these characters experience. Instead of just visualizing emotions, the series simultaneously captures ups and downs in each character’s undulating story through penetrating strings and pressing piano keys.

But, Super Cub is not overwhelmed by noise at any time and instead has moments of pure silence, or at least little sound. This allows those who watch to enjoy each experience without having to follow long periods of dialogue or other distracting sounds. This balance makes the series an incredibly relaxing affair, and one that lets viewers’ minds wander over the themes and ideas.

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Super Cub creates a feeling of wonder around the machine. Both Koguma and Reiko’s motorcycles get a life of their own and are without a doubt the main characters in themselves. Although they do not speak Japanese, English or any other human language, the constant buzzing of the engines and occasional revs speak to their owners in a way that perhaps words could never. From the moment each character gets on the bike, they become more confident and secure in their place in the world. They are no longer alone or bound in time and space like everyone else, but instead have a vehicle that can puncture through the boundaries and frames they were once placed within.

The series is an underrated gem and perfect for anyone who wants to take a step back and appreciate the smaller things in life. In a time that is constantly changing and moving at high speeds, this animated show about motorcycles – as twofold as it may seem – offers viewers the opportunity to sit back and just watch the world go by.

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