Stranger Things Star Reveals Favorite Anime

Stranger Things Star Reveals Favorite Anime

Stranger Things has become one of Netflix’s biggest original TV series, introducing the world to the town of Hawkins, Indiana, which has been seduced by terrifying creatures spawning from the “Upside Down.” With the series looking to end the show with its upcoming fifth season, one of the young actors not only revealed his love for anime but shared his favorite anime with none other than legendary director Guillermo Del Toro. Needless to say, anime’s soaring popularity continues to find new unexpected paths in the world.

Despite Stranger Things’ runaway popularity, the Netflix original from the Duffer Brothers has yet to receive an anime adaptation, though that didn’t stop the characters from finding their way into a wild anime crossover. Last year, the characters from Hawkins found their way into a mobile game that revolved around the cast of The Seven Deadly Sins, another series that found popularity thanks to becoming a Netflix exclusive. The mobile game was titled The Seven Deadly Sins: The Great Cross and saw Eleven and Hopper transported into the anime world to help with one of the most unexpected crossovers in the anime medium.

Stranger Note

In a recent interview with outlet Wired, both Finn Wolfhard and director Guillermo Del Toro answered a series of questions to help promote another Netflix property, the stop-motion animated film Pinnochiowith Stranger Things actor who spilled the beans on what his favorite anime is Death note:

After revealing his favorite anime, Wolfhard asked Del Toro if he had watched Chainsawman yet, with the director, unfortunately, yet to delve into the world of Denji and his fellow Devil Hunters.

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Ironically enough, Death note may also be the Duffer Brothers’ favorite anime, as the two started a production company that will once again bring the story of Light and Ryuuk to live-action thanks to an upcoming TV series. So far, no word has been released when it comes to the actors who will once again bring Death Note to the real world, though it does show how Netflix continues to tap anime well, as the streaming service is also working on live-action adaptations of One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho to mention some.

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