Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard reveals his favorite anime

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard reveals his favorite anime

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard reveals his favorite anime in a WIRED autocomplete interview with Pinocchio director Guillermo del Toro.

Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfhard has revealed his favorite anime.

In a WIRED Autocomplete interview, Wolfhard appeared alongside Pinocchio director Guillermo del Toro to answer some of the Internet’s burning questions. Wolfhard confessed to loving and respecting the genre when asked if he watched anime before naming Death note as his favorite series. The It star then asked del Toro if he had seen chainsawman, with Wolfhard and the acclaimed director revealing that they hadn’t seen the anime yet.

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Death Note has fans in unexpected places

Wolfhard may not be the only one Stranger Things crew member to like Death note. In July 2022, The Duffer Brothers, co-creators of the Netflix series, teamed up with the streaming service to create a live-action adaptation of the 2007 anime. Previously, Netflix released a live-action version of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s manga series with The Naked Brothers Band‘s Nat Wolff as Light Yagami and PlatoWillem Dafoe as Ryuk. Despite the dominant names in the acting industry, the film received mixed reviews from critics and fans for its failure to stick to its source material.

In 2003, Ohba and Obata’s manga began serialization in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump. Death note follows a teenager named Light Yagami who discovers a mysterious notebook. However, the supernatural ability of the Death Note draws the attention of a Japanese police force led by L. As of April 2015, Death note had over 30 million copies in circulation, as well as several live-action films, a miniseries and a television drama.

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Stranger Things has an anime spinoff in the works

To Wolfhard’s appreciation, the Stranger Things The Cinematic Universe will reportedly expand into the anime industry. spinoff series, Stranger Things: Tokyo, follows “video game-loving twin brothers living on the outskirts of 1980s Tokyo” who find themselves in the horrifying world upside down. While details surrounding the plot and release date are still scarce, Stranger Things: Tokyo will be around six hours long.

Except Stranger Thing, Wolfhard voiced Candlewick in del Toro’s 2022 stop-motion version of Disney’s Pinocchio. The director’s take on the classic story was the second Pinocchio adaptation in 2022, following Robert Zemeckis’ live-action film starring Tom Hanks and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Unlike Zemeckis’ film, del Toro’s Pinocchio received generally positive reviews. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Disney’s Pinocchio currently has a Rotten rating of 27%, while del Toro’s version has a Certified Fresh score of 97%.

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Considering del Toro’s immense passion for animation, he also credited the animators along with the vocal artists. “I wanted to return the animation controls to the animators, and process [the animators] as actors,” said del Toro. Additionally, del Toro largely avoided using digital effects to better illustrate the film’s authenticity.

Death Note, Pinocchio and Stranger Things are all available for streaming on Netflix.

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