Scary characters in comedy anime

Scary characters in comedy anime

When fans think of the scariest anime characters, it’s not usually the comedy shows and movies that come to mind. However, some of the best comedy anime series not only have the best jokes and the funniest heroes or sidekicks, but also surprisingly menacing enemies and cold-blooded villains that can turn any light-hearted moment into a horrifying one.

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Thanks to these wholesome and uplifting anime, fans could meet the funniest anime characters of all time while enjoying complex stories that made these dark characters even more memorable and often deeply emotional. These memorable but often hated characters, in their own way, helped make these stories’ positive messages and mood-boosting moments that much more impactful since, thanks to them, these scenes often occurred after very emotional lows.


7/7 Tatsu – The Housekeeper’s Way

Not only is Tatsu the owner of one of the most iconic anime tattoos of all time, but he’s also one of the scariest looking characters in one of the funniest new comedy anime. In fact, most jokes in The homesteader’s way is thanks to his menacing appearance and demeanor that keep clashing with the cute and sweet things he actually does.

Tatsu is a retired yakuza who was once one of the most feared and legendary gang members. He is now happily married to the love of his life, Miku, and has become an excellent cook who loves to take care of the house and his beautiful wife. While his violent days are behind him, if someone were to hurt or kill Miku, he would probably pull a John Wick and would do it with ease.

6/7 Yuuki Kagurazaka – The time I was reincarnated as a slime

Yuuki Kagurazaka is Rimuru’s most intelligent and worst enemy in That time I was reincarnated as a slime. This weird and funny anime set in a fantasy world is filled with great characters and has an exciting story filled with action, twists and funny moments.

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While Yuuki shows some respect and cares for his subordinates, he is still quite a cunning genius who uses his smarts to conquer this new world he was transported into. He also has quite strong psychic powers which he uses to control and manipulate the who stand in his way. He is also one of the main leaders of the Imperial military who is capable of doing just about anything to achieve his goals.

5/7 Hanzo Urushihara – The devil is a part-timer!

Hanzo Urushihara is one of the strongest characters in the series who was also responsible for some of the biggest fights and funniest moments in The devil is a part-time employee!. Urushihara is actually Lucifer’s human body, who was also one of the Demon King’s generals in the series.

Everyone’s favorite fallen angel quickly became a fan favorite as well in this fun anime. While Lucifer started out as a great antagonist who used his powers for all kinds of evil, he eventually switched sides and became a follower of the Demon Lord, who was constantly getting into trouble in present-day Tokyo.

4/7 Ragyo Kiryuin – Kill La Kill

Ragyo Kiryuin is not only one of the scariest characters in comedy anime, but also one of the worst mothers in anime history. Kill La KillThe most cunning villain defeated his own daughter, allowing her to obtain the powerful Junketsu.

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Kill La Kill was known for its epic battles, powerful characters and surprisingly funny moments, and Ragyo was one of the most ruthless and strongest fighters on the show. She was both a highly intelligent and physically skilled fighter with superhuman strength and supernatural powers that allowed her to regenerate herself and others, fly and also be able to use her mind control abilities to defeat others.

3/7 Akito Sohma – Fruit basket

Although Fruit basket is one of the most wholesome and motivational anime of all time, this show is not without its own terrifying villain. Akito Sohma was this funny anime’s antagonist who committed some truly horrible things to his own family members. She was also the head of the cursed Sohma family, who spent most of their lives hidden in their darkly lit home.

Thanks to her epic tantrums, Akito quickly became one of the most hated anime characters of all time. In both anime and manga, she did some unforgivable things when she was feeling hurt and jealous or just plain hateful. Among many other things, she choked and stabbed others, pushed people out of windows, beat up a small child and even managed to blind one of her loved ones. Although Fruit basket is one of the best slice-of-life anime series ever, Akito certainly managed to create some darkly shocking and tear-worthy moments.

2/7 Boros – One-Punch Man

One Punch Man served fans with some of the funniest jokes and most iconic battles in anime history, as well as some truly terrifying and powerful villains. Although Lord Boros was only a Dragon Level threat, he was the only one who came close to being a God Level antagonist who could possibly harm or even defeat Saitama.

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Even though Boros couldn’t kill Saitama, he was still an immensely powerful being capable of destroying entire planets. The leader of the Dark Matter Thieves was looking for a new challenge, and he finally found it when he crossed paths with One Punch Manits leadership. Although Boros was eventually defeated, he was still Saitama’s strongest enemy.

1/7 Utsuro – Gintama

Utsuro is one of the most powerful characters of all time. GintamaThe main villain was one of the most skilled and remorseless anime characters ever who had a deep love for death and destruction. Although Utsuro committed some truly horrific acts, thanks to his well-crafted backstory, most fans were always able to understand the meaning behind his actions.

Utsuro was not only one of the strongest fighters in the show, but was also an immortal who longed for death and loved to torment others. He was the fearless leader of the infamous Tenshouin Naraku group and was Gintoki’s worst enemy.

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