Sakomoto Days is officially Shonen Jump’s Next Chainsaw Man Level Hit

Sakomoto Days is officially Shonen Jump’s Next Chainsaw Man Level Hit

Shonen Jump already has a series that could be the next Chainsaw Man-level anime in Sakamoto Days, with battles that would be amazing when animated.

Warning! Contains spoilers for chapter 100 of Sakamoto Days!The Sakamoto days is already one of Shonen Jumpits more popular series, but the manga’s latest chapter proves that its anime will be the magazine’s next Chainsaw Man-level match. The Sakamoto days is a manga by Yuto Suzuki that follows retired assassin Sakamoto as he is forced to re-enter the assassin world to take down a new threat. The series has great characters and plots, but where it really shines is its fantastic fights that are creatively choreographed and expertly drawn. The fight in the manga’s final chapter is a perfect example of this.


In chapter 100, the battle between two of Sakamoto Days’ assassins, Shishiba and Yotsumura, are coming to an end. The fight up to this point has already been awesome, but this chapter makes it even cooler. At one point, Shishiba follows Yotsumura into a dark tunnel and must smash his trademark hammers together to generate sparks that light up the tunnel. The manga does a good job of showing the brief glimpses Shishiba gets of his surroundings before darkness falls again, and this makes the moment where Yotsumura finally attacks all the more intense. The match ends with another incredibly cool set piece where Shishiba uses the severed head of the hammer as a mirror to find Yotsumura’s location and deliver a finishing blow.

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The creative spectacle of this fight is reminiscent of the great action scenes in Chainsawman. The Chainsawman Anime is currently so popular in no small part because of how awesome its fight scenes are. Studio Mappa really put everything into this adaptation, even adding original anime details to make some of the battles even more epic. But the fight scenes ultimately build up the original fights Chainsawman manga, which was also amazing. But as good as they were, the fight scenes come in The Sakamoto days is even better, which makes the prospect of an anime adaptation even more exciting.

The Sakamoto daysThe fights will be brilliant in an anime

Shishiba and Yotsumura clash in Sakamoto Days

If a studio dedicated to adapting The Sakamoto days well takes on the project, the fights can even surpass the best moments in Chainsawman anime. The fights can actually work even better in the anime, as is the case with Shishiba and Yotsumura’s fight in the dark. The anime could really dial in how brief Shishiba’s glimpses of the tunnel are and build up more suspense for when Yotsumura would attack. The periodic metallic clangs of the hammers can also help set the mood more than a simple sound effect on a page ever could.

If the anime adaptation of The Sakamoto days is done well, it can easily elevate its source material much as many claim Chainsawmananime does for its manga. Of course, a bad adaptation can easily do the opposite and waste the enormous potential the manga has. But given how popular The Sakamoto days is, it will probably one day receive a great anime adaptation that will bring the battles to life in a way that may even surpass Chainsawman.

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The Sakamoto days Chapter 100 is available for reading from Viz Media.

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