Roblox Anime Clash Cheats (December 2022): Free Crystals

Roblox Anime Clash Cheats (December 2022): Free Crystals

Roblox Anime Clash Simulator is home to a number of prominent anime worlds. Players and fans alike can embark on an adventure with their favorite anime characters in the universe of Anime Clash Simulator.

Players must become elite fighters by defeating the most vital players and NPCs. Furthermore, players must earn yen by participating in boss battles. Yen is crucial in the game as it can be used to unlock different types of anime-based characters. However, earning yen is not an easy task; this is when players use Crystals (utility-based currency).

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Crystals can increase your Yen income and buy eggs that hatch different types of pets based on notable anime/manga characters. These pets increase players’ movement speed and stats.

Players can use free crystals from the promo codes offered by the developers. Beginners can take advantage of these codes and level up faster. They can further defend themselves against veteran players in PvP conflicts. Interested readers can learn more about the codes by scrolling down.

Active codes in Roblox Anime Clash Simulator

  • 20KWOW— Redeem this code for 5k crystals (New)
  • OUAH15 CLICK— Redeem this code for 10k crystals (New)
  • UPDATE 1— Redeem this code for 15k crystals (New)
  • LET’S GO25K— Redeem this code for 10k crystals (New)
  • UPDATE 2— Redeem this code for 20k crystals (New)
  • OMG1MB SEARCH!— Redeem this code for 15k crystals
  • CRAZY10 CLICKS— Redeem this code for 5k crystals
  • LETSGO7500 LIKES— Redeem this code 3k Crystals
  • OMG5 CLICKS!— Redeem this code for 5.75,000 crystals
  • 2500 LIKES!— Redeem this code for 2.5k crystals
  • 1 CLICK— Redeem this code for 1k crystals
  • RELEASE— Redeem this code for 575 crystals
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Players can take time to redeem the active codes in Roblox Anime Clash Simulator as they do not expire anytime soon.

New players can earn significant crystals by redeeming the active codes. They can consider investing in the newly acquired crystals by purchasing the finest eggs and weapons.

Furthermore, individuals can use the newly obtained weapons to earn a significant amount of Chakra and Yen within minutes. They can almost stop grinding for Yen and become influential on the server without breaking a sweat.

Inactive codes in Roblox Anime Clash Simulator

Fortunately, there are no expired Roblox codes in Anime Clash Simulator. In addition to the good news, players can expect a new set of cheats in the upcoming patch update. In addition, they will receive new codes, especially during special events and in-game collaborations.

How to redeem the active codes in Roblox Anime Clash Simulator?

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Redeeming the codes in Anime Clash Simulator is quite easy. All you need to do is follow the simple steps outlined below:

  • Start the title and enter the server
  • Select the small Twitter logo icon with a black theme on the left side of the screen
  • A new code redemption box titled “Twitter Codes” will appear on the screen
  • Users can copy the required code from our list and paste it into the text box that says “Enter code here.”
  • Be sure to hit the green “Redeem” button to receive your free crystals immediately!

The redeemed crystals will be added directly to the players’ in-game treasury.

Users must double-check the codes for typos before pressing the redeem button if they enter the codes by hand. They can copy and paste the codes throughout the process for a smoother redemption procedure.

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Where can I find new codes for Anime Clash Simulator?

Players should keep an eye on @AnimeClashRBX, the official Twitter handle, to learn about new codes and updates.

Furthermore, new codes are also posted in the game’s description on the official Roblox site.

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