Revenger Anime Reveals Official Opening Theme Trailer

Revenger Anime Reveals Official Opening Theme Trailer

Revenger looks set to be the next hit original anime series in January!

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Revenge Anime

The official trailer for the original anime series Revenge was revealed on Friday with the opening theme “Down Timer” by RetBear. The main image for the series, including staff information and casts, was revealed recently ahead of the series premiere on January 5, 2023. Studio Ajia-do, which animated series such as Kemono Jihen and Kakushigotois responsible for animating the series. Revenge is a collaborative project between film production and distribution company Shochiku and video game company Nitroplus that will now be part of the stacked Winter 2023 lineup. The ending theme “un_mute” is performed by Maaya Sakamoto.

Revenger Anime Key Visual

Revenger Staff

Masaya Fujimori is the director of Revenge. Although Fujimori doesn’t have the most popular resume in the industry, his previous works include some relatively big names, including the Supernatural anime series Kemono Jihen and Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess. He will be joined by Gen Urobuchi of Nitroplus, who will handle the lineup. And for those who may not know, Urobuchi is the original creator of the iconic Fate/Zero series. He also handled the series composition for Psycho-Pass and the script of the recently released film Bubble, which is currently streaming on Netflix. Urobuchi will also handle the script Revenge along with Renji Ōki, who also worked with him on the script for Bubble. (It is also important to note that Urobuchi is also the original creator of the Revenge also.)

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Jiro Suzuki and Yūichi are both the original character designers for Revenge while Yuji Hosogoe will oversee the anime’s character design and serve as chief animation officer. Hosogoe doesn’t have much main character design work and chief animation direction in the industry yet, but handled the designs, working as chief animation director for the popular and beloved anime series The Saga of Tanya The Evil, plus the movie too. Jun Fumata will make his music composition debut in the anime series by laying down the soundtrack for Revenge. The rest of the anime staff is as follows:

  • Art director: Hotaka Okamoto (One Piece Stampede, How NOT to Summon a Demon Lordart board for Lycoris recoil)
  • Chief Animation Directors: Emiko Endo (Kemono Jihen), Hosogoe (The Saga of Tanya The Evil), Yuki Nishioka (Kemono Jihen)
  • Sound conductor: Akiko Fujita (Jujutsu Kaisen, Dororo, My Dress-Up Darling)
  • Director of photography: Teppei Satō (Kemono Jihen, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)
  • Color design: Naomi Nakano (Kemono Jihen, Chainsawman, Sword Art Online: Alicization)

Revenger Cast

The main cast for the upcoming original anime Revenge was revealed on October 29 as part of the series’ January 2023 premiere announcement. The series also recently released its first teaser trailer which you can watch below along with the newly revealed main cast list (characters in bold):

  • Nine – Hisako Kanemoto (Erina Nakiri – Food Warrior!Zenith Greyrat – Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation)
  • Yuen Usui – Yuichiro Umehara (Goblin Slayer – Goblin SlayerCourier – Akudama Drive)
  • Raizo Kurima – Jun Kasama (Aran Ojiro – Haikyuu!! Season 4Mugino – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)
  • Teppa Murakami – Shunsuke Takeuchi (Kentarou Kyoutani – Haikyuu!! Season 2Brawler – Akudama Drive)
  • Soy – Shouta Hayama (Kazushi Yamagishi – Tokyo Revengers, Mark Bean – Wiseman’s grandson)

Other Collab Original Anime

Sometimes we’ll hear about joint anime projects from two companies, whether it’s a studio and production company or even two animation studios that it’s for Spy x Family (WIT Studio + Cloverworks). But the most notable as a collaboration with a production company released in 2020 is the award-winning original anime series Akudama Drive. The 12-episode anime series was a joint project between Studio Pierrot (Naruto, Bleach, Black clover) and Too-Kyo Games (Akudama Drive, Tribe nine).

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Too-Kyo Games was originally founded in 2017 by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka, music composer Masafumi Takada, illustrator Rui Komatsuzaki, and Zero flight Director Kotaro Uchikoshi. Akudama Drive went on to receive a digital manga adaptation which is currently in progress and available to read in English on Renta! The anime series can be watched in its entirety on Crunchyroll.

Let’s hope so Revenge anime series can be a success just like Akudama Drive our!

Revenge is set for release on January 5, 2023. The series has previously released important graphics and now two official trailers.

Source: Official Revenger Twitter

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